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More studio progress…

My ‘crafting’ table. This is where the little bits are assembled. I also painted the MDF top yesterday. The one we bought at IKEA didn’t fit the stands, so I gave it to Michael and we bought this to replace it. CVS is having a sale on chalk so that was an added bonus!

This morning:

This afternoon:


We’ve started the slow process of unpacking our belongings. We spend time in one room, then head to another, and so on. I have been itching to get my studio unpacked, as I need to get back to work. I have a design/website project on hold and I need to make/finish several new pieces. I took some before shots but won’t share them until we’ve made more progress. Now, none of the upstairs rooms have ceiling fans. It baffles my mind how anyone could live here in the ‘warm’ months without them! I can agree with many that fans can be a bit of a challenge to live with, aesthetically speaking. On one hand they provide much needed relief in air movement and power bills, but on the other hand they can be quite an eye sore. Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge both featured articles on ceiling fans recently. There are some absolutely gorgeous fans available. Some reach deep in the pockets and some are very reasonable. We hit Lowe’s today and scored some lighting and circulation for my space today. We brought home four lights and had to order the fan. We decided to order a second for Michael’s space. I think it will fit in perfectly.

Michael is definitely going for a vintage lab/science room look for his space, and I eventually want to bring in more vintage elements into mine. I think I’m off to a good start.

Studio Accents

Playing with himself

I’m working on a website design for a friend which has kept me from working on my crafts. The good side is that it’s making me WANT to get back to work, and I will soon. In the meantime, more Michael! I really enjoy sharing him with everyone, he’s just that awesome. 🙂

It was late one night when I walked in his studio to find three chairs sitting together. I asked if he was taking some ‘friends’ for a ride. Nope, he was playing with himself. It certainly made me giggle.

Playtime was over and he turned the lens on something of a smaller stature.

Spark gap:

His studio has so many wonderful things to photograph. I’m looking forward to more!

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