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More Magnolia

And as promised, here are a few more photos from Magnolia! Next to Rosalie, my other favorite is the pyramid mausoleum. I keep forgetting to update my memory banks on the family who is resting here, so sadly I can’t provide any more information.



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Thank you, Kelly Sauer!

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure to meet Kelly Sauer while she snapped a few photos of my booth. The Farmers Market is a great place to take photos, that’s for sure! Kelly and her husband happened upon the booth during lull in activity. That allowed me time to talk a bit and watch. I love to watch photographers. I got an email yesterday letting me know she posted some of the images on her blog. They’re fantastic and I even blushed when I read her wonderful write-up! Please check out the rest of her work, it is gorgeous.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Kelly!

Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color 2001 Contest

Evita’s ‘Vintage Panama’ Room
We would love, love, love your vote!

Looking Into the Past

Looking Into the Past: Beauty Pageant Winners, Union Station, Washington, DC

There has been a lot talk around the blogosphere about the incredibly talented Irina Werning and her ‘Back to the Future’ photographs. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of seeing them. Today on WebUrbanist, I learned about Jason Powell and his ‘Looking Into the Past’ series.

‘Images are made by finding old photographs of places, printing them out, and then holding the print up in the modern day location that the original photograph was taken. So far, most of the historical images have been available for free at the Library of Congress.’

Jason writes that the project was inspired both by his love of history and Michael Hughes’ Souvenirs series.

Looking Into the Past: Congressional Hog Calling, Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC

Looking Into the Past: 7th Street, Washington, DC

{ All photos click through to Jason Powell’s Flickr pages. }

Bon Weekend.

Now Showing: Works by Charlie Bidwell and Samantha Magowan
When: Opening reception July 17, 6-8 p.m. On view through Aug. 29
Phone: (843) 958-6484
Price: Free


{ I had to take these from pomegranita because the city gallery image must be down. 🙁 }

‘features the work of Los Angeles-based artists, Charlie Bidwell and Samantha Magowan. Samantha Magowan transforms herself in installations that are saturated with bright colors, psychedelic patterns and angles that create optical illusions. Photographer Charlie Bidwell utilizes an unusual amount of negative space, providing the viewer with a different viewpoint of the monumental architecture and billboards which dominate the American landscape. In their work, both artists reflect the influence and side-effects of living in an environment saturated with “stuff” and how it affects the eyes and minds of artists living in L.A., which ironically is the city responsible for the creation of such overwhelming mass-media.’

We’ll be at the reception tomorrow night!

Domestic Bliss – Dreamy Interiors

I realized last night that I hadn’t kept up with my ‘domestic bliss’ posts during the craziness of the impeding move and show. I’ll share an amazing photo I found via a pin on Pinterest. I went back to the original post on Desire to Inspire to share more of the images.

More of Manny Rodrigues’ photos. >>

feather & bone

Lately, I’ve been loosely following all of the amazing blogs I subscribe to in my Google Reader. I happened to miss this new venture from Nectar & Light called feather & bone. They’re really beautiful. I know Aileen would love to have some of these. I know I do!

Here are a few examples:

feather & bone
{ No. 8 | No. 15 | No 16 | No. 5 }

…Life and death. Art and Science.

I spent two incredibly magical afternoons last November hand selecting the specimens in the ‘Feather & Bone’ collection with the generous support and aid of the Vertebrate Zoology Collections Manager at University of Colorado Museum of Natural History.

There was something spiritual about being in the presence of such carefully cultivated history. Opening the drawers of the specimen cabinets to reveal what hidden treasures – in form of feather and bone – lay within. Hand scribed notes detailing the dates and locations each dated further in time than the last. The light granted me that day washed across the specimens with a gentle touch and ignited the new found power within their feathers, skins and bones – to teach new generations about their history and relevance. Magical.

Each photograph in this series was shot with a vintage Polaroid 680SLR camera. Prints are professionally printed on acid free, archival photo paper with a linen texture. Each photograph is 8×8 inches and is hand signed.

Saturday Hipstamatic Love

Hipstamatic iPhone App
I must admit that I haven’t fallen into the ‘Life is Apptacular!’ mode. I have very few apps for my phone and all of those are free. I only recently did a major update to my software because my old computer made it extremely difficult to manage it without borking the OS. My goodness, all the lovely new apps I can download and actually use! Flickr, LJ, and Facebook are to name a few. I need to see if they have a Blogger app yet.

I recently discovered the very cool Hipstamatic app, which makes the very crappy iPhone camera tolerable! I decided to venture into the realm of purchasing apps with this fine software. We went to the Farmers Market today and I snapped a few pics. This is going to make for a lot of fun.


Most of these were taken with the John S or Jimmy lenses and shot on Blanko or Kodot Verichrome ‘film’. I am looking forward to purchasing more lenses soon.


Haley Luna posted these the other day and I wanted to share them with you!

More from her ice & snow set.

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