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Happy Belated Birthday to My Beloved!

I treated Michael to a night at the wonderful Inn at Middleton Place just down the road from us. The modern design beautifully counters the 18th-century buildings and landscaping of Middleton Place next door. Last weekend also played host the the Grand Illumination – Christmas 1782 Tour. It was perfect timing as I found the tour information while booking our room!

Loving the brrrrrr chilly December weather in the courtyard in front of our room!

I picked up Michael’s cake from Normandy Farms and drove it, along with some of our absinthiana, out to the Inn on Friday. I requested to have the fountain, glasses, absinthe, ice and water set up in the room upon our arrival and the cake to be delivered to the room while we were out on the tour. We woke up Saturday morning to the sound of pouring rain and my heart sank. I had no idea if the events of the evening were rain or shine. I decided to follow the flow of the day/evening without panic. I gleefully learned at check-in that the event was going on as scheduled. We brought our umbrellas and learned that the rooms are supplied with those AND flashlights for walking the grounds at night.

We had a fantastic time during the tour. We actually ended up on the tail end of an earlier group when we got to the house. It wasn’t until we finished our supper {the food was delicious} that we learned that we’d missed half the tour! Silly us, we thought that maybe the gardens portion was cut short because of the weather. We all had a good laugh and Michael and I joined a small group heading toward the gardens. We had several good laughs at ourselves for the rest of the evening.

{ Click on the numbers to enlarge photos. }


Dry Ice

Dry ice is soooooo much fun. I always look forward to working with it! These were taken on Saturday night by one of the photographers. I must give major props to Rogers Oxygen, who donated all of the dry ice for the evening!

Michael filling the beakers.

{ Photo credit: L.I.M.E. Charleston }

I’m still looking for some images of the Jacob’s ladder.

Jacob’s Ladder

Michael is building this almost 7′ tall Jacob’s Ladder for an event on Saturday. That’s about all I can say about it at this time. More photos after then!

Jacob's Ladder

What is a Jacob’s Ladder? Well, I had to lift this information from The Museum of Electricity:
‘If you’ve ever seen a Frankenstein movie you have probably seen a Jabcobs Ladder or “climbing arc”. The familiar “Bzzzzzzzzzzz….snap!” sound is a staple of old horror movies.

So how do they work? First two conductive metal rods are positioned in a rough “V” shape with a slight space between them at the base. A sufficient voltage differential is provided from a high voltage transformer to breakdown the air in the gap between the rods, at which point the electricity “jumps” the gap and creates an arc. If there is enough electric current or amperage available, the arc will resemble a flame, and be hot enough so that convection begins to pull it upwards. As the arc rises it lengthens until it gets to a point where the rails are so far apart that it cannot sustain itself. It then goes out and the whole process begins again at the bottom where the rods are closest together.’

Pretty awesome stuff, eh?

Plasma Kaleidoscope

Michael was playing with some photos of his coils and attempting to create some kaleidoscope like effects with the plasmas streams. He decided to download a plug-in for Photoshop and got some cool results. The first three were done by him goofing around and the last three are done via the plug-in.

{ Click on image to take you to the set to enlarge! }

Joule Thief Picture Light

I bought this light bulb hologram at the hologram shop during my first visit to Amsterdam. It’s been stored for a long time as it hasn’t been displayed very well because it needs a light source to bring out the image. Michael wanted it in his shop over the computer, so he made this little Joule Thief Picture Light to do the job. After he took these photos, he added a switch that allows him to turn the light on and off. The first is with the lights turned up in the room, and the second is when they’re quite low.

Joule Thief Picture Light Joule Thief Picture Light

Workbench cover issue solved.

Thanks again to Pinterest for hooking me up with a potential solution for hiding the unsightly storage space under the workbenches Michael built for his studio over the weekend. Some canvas or some upholstery stock, heavy duty snaps and presto! Sassy cover.

{ Photo credit: This is Glamorous }

Michael’s lab is slowly taking shape.

Michael made tremendous strides with his space over the weekend while I proceeded to make a fabric bomb go off in my studio. These are a few shots of the little things, which I find infinitely fascinating.


The map of Panama hung above my grandfather’s desk until he died. My father was born at Hacienda Cincinnati and while he was still young, my grandfather accepted a job that took him to the Canal Zone. So most of his childhood/teenage years was spent there. It’s time crack open Vista Nieve again, which was written by Mel Carriker, who was my father’s first cousin. His mother and my grandmother were sisters. I am named after my grandmother, who was in turn named after her mother, Eva Flye. Among our many projects is to scan the countless photos from Colombia that somehow ended up in our family. I don’t know if my great grandparents had multiple prints made of the photos for all of the children or what. Sadly, that information is long gone.

Enough about me…

amp2 tubes


I’m looking forward to the day we have wood floors upstairs. The wall color is leftover from the previous owners. Michael wanted to paint it, and that may be done down the road, but I think the color adds to the vintage feel.


Nikola Tesla’s Birthday

Nikola Tesla was born on this day in 1856. We often wonder what kind of world we’d live in today if…


In honor of his birthday, my dearest Michael is committed to getting his studio to a working state today.

Bellchamber Goldsmiths

When Michael and I were planning our wedding, we wanted rings for each of us that represented our passions. He did a darn fine job with my engagement ring, and we looked high and low for his wedding band. One weekend while he was in Atlanta, I was poking around the web when I stumbled upon the work of Jason Bellchamber and his team. I scrolled through the rings and saw the Green Man ring. I gasped and then I called Michael. I sent him the link and he was floored. Since I was purchasing his ring, I contacted them to find out if the green they used for the enameling would somewhat match the greens in my ring. I sent them a photo and they thought it would pair well. I sent them the money and they set to work on his ring. Michael wears a size 13 so it had to be custom made. They worked quickly and in just a couple of weeks it arrived. It was beyond our expectations. I can’t say enough about the service we received from them.


Bon Weekend

We don’t have any photos of the new house to share just yet. We had a crazy storm move through here this afternoon, so I thought I’d ‘lightning’ things up with a shot from Michael’s old lab.

Bon weekend!

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