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Holiday Shopping 2010 with…Me!

Lindsey has been featuring holiday shopping guides by various bloggers and today is my list! She laughs that it’s a little late getting up, but I’m looking at it as what you can buy with your holiday loot!

{ Click on the image or links above to view my list, and pay no attention to my typo! }

Lindsey, thank you so much for asking me to be a part of your wonderful series!

Lost & Fawned Giveaway: Print of your choice from Elsita

Lindsey, of Lost & Fawned, is featuring some great Holiday Shopping lists from various bloggers this month. I created a list for her that will post this week. In that list was one of Elsita’s papercut prints. Personally, I could have a room filled with her work. Earlier this year I shared one of my favorite pieces and also featured one of her stunning creations in an Etsy Treasury in October.

Lindsey became so smitten with Elsita’s work that she purchased a papercut print to go in her and Jared’s new home, which they’ll close on next month. I got an excited email from her last night that Elsita has offered to sponsor a giveaway at Lost & Fawned! So…please head over to the post before Sunday, December 12th at 9:oo PM EST and tell them which is your favorite 8.5 x 11 print. A winner will be chosen at random and will be announced the following day.

Good luck to everyone and please pass this on!

Guest Post at Lost & Fawned

I’m very excited that my friend Lindsey of Lost & Fawned asked me to write something for Halloween. I decided to share how we made our vintage looking bat picture in the foyer. It’s a very easy and inexpensive project to finish for the weekend!

I’m looking forward to making more posts at Lost & Fawned in the future, and Lindsey make some guest appearances as well.

Thank you Lindsey!

Giveaway: Kiki & Polly

Sweet! Lindsey just posted this exciting giveaway at Lost & Fawned
‘I’m so excited to announce an amazing giveaway with one of my favorite etsy artists Kiki & Polly! Lisa Golightly captures the joy and adventure of being a child in gorgeous paintings. The name is derived from her daughter’s beloved bird Kiki and imaginary friend Polly. Every painting is like a little mini adventure and leave me imagining the story behind the image.

One amazingly lucky person this week will win an 8.5 x 11 print of their choice!

Want to enter? CLICK HERE!

The rewards of August…

Knowing that the beauty of autumn is just around the corner. Lindsey created a gorgeous complilation of muted oranges and golds on her website, which I can’t stop staring at! I can see why it inspired her to create this Etsy treasury.


You know how much I think you rock lady!


Whoops! The movers came Tuesday to pick up the ‘big’ stuff. We brought several loads over here to the new house, but have been working everyday to finish. I don’t think we’ll finish till the weekend, however. We’ll have the last bits out tomorrow and will spend the next couple of days cleaning and touching up paint and such. We promised the owner that we’d have it looking nice. We want our deposit back. You would think that this being the third MAJOR move in 2.5 years, I would have this down by now. Nope.

We have intermittent internet access here. We’re out of the 3G network -good grief – so our mobile technology is crawling on the EDGE network. Thankfully, Comcast will be here on Tuesday. We’re so excited to have access to real broadband again. Let’s just say that what we had at the old house was a bit crunked.

Oh, and while I’m here for a moment, I wanted to give a big shout out to my friend Lindsey, of Lost and Fawned, whose absolutely gorgeous wedding was feature in the June magazine edition of Portland Bride and Groom. Congrats lady, you are an inspiration to so many! Please stop by her blog to see some of her photos. She’s posting them as different sections of the day. A real feast for the eyes. You can also see the magazine’s online feature here.


Pinterest is like a virtual inspiration board where you pin things to a ‘board’ on your page. instead of pinning things to your wall. Your pins can be viewed by and shared with others. You can pin images from anywhere on the web, add your own notes about the image, and the bookmarklet credits and links back to the original image.

Currently, Victoria from sfgirlbybay and the folks from Pinterest are running ‘Pin It Forward‘, where various bloggers create boards of ‘What Home Means to Me’. I missed the sign-up for this series but I’ve decided to play along and work on my visual interpretation of home. I’m far from finished. Here is the board Lindsey has created thus far.

I have been blissfully running amok creating other boards, such as outdoor living ideas. It makes sense with the kick I’ve been on lately. I gathered some of the images posted here and elsewhere, and some via other members. After all, that’s the intent of the site. Here is what I’ve gathered for our ‘Outdoor Living’ board..

Dandy Lion Press

Thanks to Lindsey, I’m having a Monday Morning Smile myself!

Brown Jackalope

‘This hand drawn brown Bunnylope is sitting up and taking notice, is there a whiff of cabbage and carrots in the air or has the dog next door come looking for trouble? No matter, this bunny has horns and it knows how to use them.’

How about Mr. McGreggor?

‘There’s a new rabbit in town Mr. McGreggor. This one is a bit tougher that Peter Rabbit or Benjamin Bunny and has no intension of ending up in the stew pot. Farmer Beware!’

There’s more at the Dandy Lion Press Etsy store.

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