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Now, with frosty bulbs!

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I think we’ve decided on ‘Mined Coal’ from Behr for the wall color. It’s a warmer grey.

Schoolhouse Electric

Thanks to Design*Sponge’s ‘under $100: pendant lamps’ post, I am now acquainted with this delightful company.

Handcrafted in the USA. Read more. >>


I posted our awesome bamboo chandelier a while back and was considering painting it red. I knew better to wait and see it hanging in it’s new location before making that decision. Well, we’ve decided to go with a charcoal grey above the wainscoting in the dining room, and I’ve decided not to push the issue. I want to leave it the original color. Our sconces will need a gold touch up.

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We’re off to pick out more paint samples and some frosty bulbs. I also found our mirrored switch plates during the move. I think they’ll be divine in this room.

Octopus Chandeliers by Adam Wallacavage

I’m delightfully wrapping myself around these lovelies…

See more photos and read the full article at Apartment Therapy. >>


Having been married for a year now, it may sound a little silly that I still subscribe to some wedding blogs in my Google Reader. Photo shoots and reception details can serve as inspiration for so many facets of living. Once Wed had a recent post of a forest inspired photo shoot featuring the gorgeous vintage style light bulbs (first photo). Knowing Michael is such a big Tesla|High Voltage follower and I’m a big fan of string lights in a garden setting, this was a match made in paradise. Goodness, we only just took down the strands we hung for the wedding (the last two photos) the other day.

Apartment Therapy recently featured an inspiration board with a link to this style of lighting from Restoration Hardware (middle photo). I fell in love with them but at $179.00 for a strand of 25 lights they’re a *tad* out of our price range. I’m beginning to think of searching for just the bulbs and replacing the lights on the strands we currently have. Sounds like a wonderful marriage.

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{ Photo credits: 1.
Jose Villa|Once Wed | 2. Restoration Hardware | 3. & 4. Stacey Bode Photography }

Bright ideas

We had the house inspection on Tuesday and it went very, very well! We’re scheduled to close the first week of June. In the meantime, we need to organize a yard sale and pack. I know we need to unload things and not really add more to the inventory, but sometimes it can’t be helped. I’m a sucker for awesome light fixtures. Mom and I went to an estate sale a few weeks back and scored this beauty….

I’ve lost out on a few that have been on eBay in the last couple of years, and I think we took it for a damn good deal. It’s very heavy. I really, really want to paint it red and then paint our bamboo sconces (those we did score on eBay) the same color.

One of several new projects.

Recent thrift store purchase. I love milk glass and I love hobnailing, but they’re not mutually exclusive. We’re trying to decide in which direction to go with restoration.

Do we…
– strip the wood and brass and then reseal both
– strip the wood and either stain or paint, and leave the brass (polished)
– paint both?

Oaks & Acorns at Gumps.

I think it’s fairly evident from the wedding that I love oaks & acorns.
Handmade Pewter Oak Leaf Hurricane

‘The exquisite details of our hurricane make it a compelling addition to any seasonal gathering. Handmade of solid pewter, the base features oak leaves and acorns that wreathe a 3” diam. candle (not included). Comes with a pewter-rimmed lift-off glass. 5” diam. x 6”H. Imported. Catalog & Web only.’

So very lovely!

Pewter Acorn Box
‘Bearing a tiny seed that yields a mighty oak, an acorn is a symbol of perseverance. This piece is handcrafted from tarnish-resistant pewter with artfully modeled nuts and leaves. Imported. Also available at Gump’s San Francisco store.’

Pewter Napkin Rings [Set of 4, 4″L x 3″W]

‘Bearing a tiny seed that yields a mighty oak, an acorn is a symbol of perseverance. This piece is handcrafted from tarnish-resistant pewter with artfully modeled nuts and leaves. Imported. Also available at Gump’s San Francisco store.’

Wonderfully charming!

Cohn-Stone Handblown Glass Acorn
‘These harbingers of autumn are made by artists at California’s renowned Cohn-Stone Studios, whose works are prized by museums and collectors worldwide. To create the translucent palette, artisans layer colored glass beneath clear crystal, then blow and shape each piece by hand. Acting as sculpture and paperweight alike, the substantial, opaque acorn features a glass cap with gold luster. Each piece is signed by the artist. Made in the USA.’

I’m not sure if I’m glad these weren’t around before the wedding.

It would have been really cool to have recreated the part of the invitation with the trees and our silhouettes.

{Photo Credit: marthastewart.com}

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