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Rex propagation

Rex begonias and their fabulous foliage is a beautiful sight when sprinkled throughout a garden. They look great indoors as well. We have a small collection that we started in the winter months from Hyams and Logee’s.  There are several more I’d love to get from Logee’s but for now I’m going to focus on expanding the collection we currently have and enjoy.

I looked through a few tutorials, some called for rooting hormone and others didn’t. For this exercise I dipped half of the leaves in rooting hormone and left the other half alone. I have no idea how well I’ll do with these (I had pretty good success with fibrous rex stem cuttings this winter) and I’ll post updates when noticeable changes happen. Any feedback/ideas are welcomed.

What I needed to complete the project:

  • Sterile scissors or razor – I ended up using my scissors for all cutting steps
  • Rex begonia leaves
  • Soil is a mixture of 1 part peat moss : 1 part Perlite
  • Rooting Hormone – optional
  • Container to cover/tent the plants

Choose (healthy) leaves. A couple of mine may be a little suspect. The ideal leaves are mature leaves, but not too old.

Trim the outer edges.

Cut 2-4 wedges per leaf. If using rooting hormone, dip them at this point.

Plant the leaves in the peat moss/Perlite mixture. The leaves with the rooting hormone are in the two containers on the left.

Cover the plants and keep them in a brightly lit area, but away from direct sunlight. Keeping them covered will allow them to stay moist, with seldom if ever watering needed.

Once new growth appears (can take up to six weeks) the cover may come off and the plants are to be watered sparingly. Depending on the pot size they may not need to be transplanted for a while.

*Fingers crossed!*

Mail order love

A couple weeks ago I pinned a photo of a Begonia ‘Curly Fireflush’. I knew we had to have one so I headed out to Hyams to see if they had any but no luck so next was Abide-A-While. Again, no luck but I didn’t leave either establishment without some other beautiful tropical begonias! I turned to the trusty old internet and discovered Logee’s, based out of Connecticut, to find my precious. I placed my order on the first and my box arrived yesterday. I added a couple more plants to the order to even out the shipping and they arrived happy and healthy! They’re shipped in adorable 2.5″ pots and I’ll most likely repot them tomorrow as they don’t seem to be in any kind of shock.

Thanks Logee’s, you’ve earned a new customer for harder to find plants!

We sure held out on getting those barrels…

Rain Barrel

No really, we tried to wait until next month but we bit the bullet and headed out to Earthfare yesterday afternoon to pick up two 55 gallon barrels. We’ve been eyeing theirs for the past three years and they appear to have the best prices in town, at $69.99 a piece. They’re quite large so when we got them home, we had to move the Hydrangea and Hosta to fit the base { one of the patio pavers }. We were treated to a wonderful rain shower just as we finished! We were amazed at how much came down the chain in such a short amount of time, and just in the one gutter. { video clip } It did allow us to see where we need to make some adjustments. We’re going to add a feeder pipe at the top and we’re definitely going to add a link or two between each cup in an attempt to reduce some of the ‘spitting’.

Rain Barrel


Weekend accomplished

So much awesomesauce in the yard this weekend. Yesterday we started seeds for Poppies, Nasturtium, Clary Sage (won’t bloom until next year), Hollyhocks (again, in a year), Sunflowers, Zinnias, Cypress Vine, Chinese Lanterns, Nigella, Marigolds, Morning Glories, Beets, Sweet Peas and a few others I can’t think of at the moment. So, the edible garden now has Tomatoes, Basil, Greek Oregano, Thyme, Oregano, Cilantro, Banana Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Bell Peppers, Pablano Peppers, Serrano Peppers, Beets, Okra, Collards, Squash, Zucchini, Eggplant and Cantaloupe. We’re waiting for the lettuce to sprout.

We recently planted some Hyssop, Rue, Veronica, Lemon Balm, Bee Balm and the Mint is starting to run wild. We bought another tiny creeping Mint that is quite delightful. Trying to grow Fennel for their seeds for the amount of space we have and for the amount of work involved isn’t worth it, but we’re going to grow it to use the bulb in cooking. I’m ready to start another raised bed for herbs and flowers.

We starting installing the gutters along the back on Saturday and added the first of two rain chains. We bought them at Tuesday Morning for a pretty sweet price. They’re obviously not copper but as much as I love it, do we really have to have copper cups and chains? Each chain is eight feet long and we have about a twelve foot drop from the eave so we’re going to pick up some link chain and add a few spacer links between each cup. We’re going to buy the rain barrels soon so in the interim the rain will fall into a large ceramic pot with pea grave that will allow the water to gently trickle into the soil. I also hope to train some vining/creeping plants along the outside of the rain barrels when they go in the garden.

I think that’s it for this edition of the garden report. ♥

When the gardening gets tough, the tough get scattered

Mid April

This space started as a clean slate this year. We added Creeping Jenny and Asian Jasmine to the front area of the pond on Sunday. The Hostas around the corner are getting huge for their second year, andw e’ve been patiently waiting for the Caladiums to show themselves. I think I may have planted them too late? We may just have to buy a few. I need to see what Hyams has in their stock as I haven’t been very pleased with Lowe’s selection.

The bed on the opposite side of the porch is the one with the most returning plants this year. When we moved into this house in June, we brought with us several plants that had to get into the ground. It wasn’t till the end of the month before we had time to plant them, which was not the most ideal. We have another area on the other side of the house where the majority of those plants are located, but I’m not feeling it, hence the lack of photos. The fence bed needs more structure and that will come later. It’ll be easy for me to dig a trench for the recycled bordering material. I think we’re going to have to wait until next year before we will build the path from the gate to the patio. We’ve just seeded the yard and will remain content with that for the time being. I also stuck the Loquat tree in this section for a little height.

Mid April

Mid April

We built the box for the raised vegetable bed on the side of the house yesterday. It measures 10′ x 4′ and I think it’s an ideal size for starting out. We have to get more dirt tomorrow and then we’ll plant. I am intending on planting several things in front of the bed such as another Loquat tree, a few Oleanders, Bee Balm, banana trees and some other odds and ends. By the time we’re finished, the bed itself won’t be visible from the street. The picture below was taken yesterday and I was standing roughly where the back of the bed is now sitting.

Mid April

I think we’ve done pretty darn well in the amount of time we’ve lived in the house. We’ve decided to hold off on the front until later, as I want to focus my energy getting the side and back areas lush, lush, lush! That, and finishing the patio. I’ll post photos of the edible garden soon. We completely forgot to take a pic before we started but I don’t think it will be hard to imagine how it looked.

Tales of the Market coming up!

Bon Weekend – Full Frontal

My gardening obsession has reached a fevered pitch recently and we’re going to address the main front bed shortly. The above photos were taken the day we looked at the house. I love variegated Pitosporum (the small bushes in the front), but they have a nasty fungus on them. Actually, most of the plants in the front are infected with something. Apparently we’re not the only yard suffering. The other bushes, mom knows their name, also have to go. I’m just not a fan. In their place we’re planting a loquat tree, white oleander and some lower growing plants. One of our sago palms is already in the bed and we have another sago inside that will now make it’s home outside. I’m in hopes of eventually having a curved palm or two in the front. They cost more, but I love their lazy slope.

I ordered some Hakone grass (aka Japanese Forest Grass) from Hyams this week. Oh Hyams, it has been my secret desire to work there for most of my adult life. Maybe one day!

{ Grass photo credit: BHG }

Garden State

Michael and I just finished judging the science fair for my cousin and I’m taking this opportunity to try posting via the WordPress app. I’ve read very mixed reviews but it seems to be working just fine and dandy.

We spent our second full day focusing on the pond yesterday. We put the retaining border { made from recycled materials }, added the fill soil and planted several bulbs & plants. We added pea gravel under the stairs and will place a divider on each side, sometime next week. The grass will be replaced with a pea gravel path that will eventually lead from the side gate and wrap around the patio, which still has to be laid. We’re still hanging about on rocking pads.

I think we’ve done pretty well for spending a total of about two days on the project so far. We’re also working on three other big beds.



The fountain is sputtering, we have to clean it and the filter.

Photos of the first day we worked on it…


The Garden Salad Days

Garden progress! The weather was absolutely uh-mazing this past weekend and we’ve spent the last three days outside. It’s been a while since we’ve truly felt like we could start something in terms of an outdoor living space. The last two houses were temporary dwellings and we decided not to spend too much energy, or money for that matter, trying to make permanent outdoor features. I can be very impatient and I can easily forget that the garden sanctuary we had in Atlanta took a couple of years of hard work and we had certain advantages, such as no real yard maintenance. I do love container gardens! We moved into this house a little late in the season to really start planting. Top that off with the hottest summer on record and we pretty much hid indoors.

Ok, back to what we’ve done so far. Our old pond form has been in the garage since we left Atlanta. Today it is comfortably setting in it’s new digs. I even have a little animated gif behind the jump of the digging process.

Pond - Phase I

If you click through to the hosted photo on Flickr you can see a few notes I’ve set up to explain the next phase of work to be done in this section. We’re undecided where the second pagoda is going to live. A little history of those two – mom bought them for the front gate of the old family house. When Michael and I moved everything out two years ago, they came with us. Stacey got a great shot of one during the wedding.

Patio pavers

We bought 50 x 16″ pavers. It took two trips to Lowes to bring these home. We actually need more! We got our workout for the day loading and unloading them. The beers definitely made things a little ‘easier’ these last few days.;)

Patio pavers

This is the very temporary pad. We were desperate for a patio fix and to be able to kick back with some adult beverages and watch the clouds roll on by. When we actually lay the pavers for good they’ll have an inch or two in between for moss, herbs and other creeping ground cover. We’re about twenty squares short of our {my} desired patio size, but even just two more rows will be nice. The lounge chairs were purchased for our wedding. They were on sale for $25.00 at Target! We considered selling them before our move last year and now I’m glad we kept them. The second pond setup will go in front of the chimney, which is in the left of the photo.

Patio pavers

It’s a good thing I don’t try to keep my nails well manicured. I honestly do not like wearing gloves while playing in the dirt. It’s just so therapeutic to feel it, and even caked on my hands.

I’ll continue to post progress photos. (more…)

Variegated Canna Pretoria

I have been a huge fan of this canna hybrid for years. They have so much sass!

Click image to enlarge.

Unfortunately, I didn’t dig up any of the tubers before we left Atlanta. We figured they would be around every year in plentiful amounts. It was difficult to contain my excitement when thinking of planting some here at the new house. We’ve checked Lowe’s, HomeDepot, and elsewhere on a few occasions since the move, but with no luck. Every employee I asked just shrugged their shoulders. I knew it was time to visit Hyams and check with them. We’re now living a bit aways from them.:( I asked one of the employees about them and sure enough, she knew what was going on. Apparently, they have succumbed to a disease this year and many vendors are wary of carrying them. I was so upset that I wanted to cry on the spot. I know I can look to the wonderful Internet to order them, but shipping plants in this heat I’m not sure it’s the safest thing to do.

I’m going to keep checking and maybe take my chance on ordering.

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