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Visit the elves in Historic Rivendell!

Thanks to my friend Mari, I found this amazing poster on her Tumblr page. I’ve now satisfied at two { very important } facets of my taste spectrum today!

Made by Steven Thomas Art.

Disqus | Intense Debate

I recently got a Tumblr account and installed Disqus comment system and decided to switch over to that for commenting on this blog. I have absolutely no complaints with Intense Debate, but it made since to manage both under the same account. Sadly, that means that all of the comments to date {or at least since I installed Intense Debate} are now gone. Oh well.

I am open to feedback at any point!

eta – well that was easy! Comments returned.

Blogger|Facebook Image Fail

It looks like I’m not the only one not able to link posts to Facebook and receive the dreaded ‘image not available’ from Flickr. I was getting extremely frustrated, especially since I’ve made a Happy Heathen page on FB. I searched the Flickr Help Forums and found this thread. I’m hoping for a speedy resolution. And yes, I meant that pun!

Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper

This tiny {leg expanse wasn’t wider than a dime} electric green guy was on the porch door yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Michael snapped the best shot he could, while all the time it was trying to jump at him. A friend helped identify it as Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper. In the southeastern US it is one of the most easily recognized jumping spider, with it’s neon green body and large orange ‘cap’. She’s an amazing photographer and said she would do ‘unmentionable things’ to get her hands on one. I’m trying to relocate it. 😉

Neon spider

More on the Magnolia Green Jumper. >>


I’ve been playing with some updates to the site. I like the Minima (stretch) template but haven’t been happy with being restricted to a 2 column layout. I found a lovely hack that seems to work well so far, and I’m hoping to add more elements to the sidebars. I’ve also added some Facebook interactivity and have decided to use the IntenseDebate comment forms. I like being able to reply directly to a comment instead of having to do the ‘@name’ scenario. Comments can now be subscribed to, as well. I know some sites have had issues with ID and I’ll keep my eye on it.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

With these babies you can cut your food, eat your food, or defend the universe.

More. >>

Ok, I was a little cranky when I posted my extreme displeasure with Apple and my iOS4 update. I’m still doing a little research as to what to do with the iOS4 update and my lowly 3G issues. Jason D. O’Grady wrote an article for ZDNet mentioning the issue of slower performance could have to do with RAM issues.

I previously blogged that part of the problem could be due to insufficient RAM. The iPhone 4 ships with a whopping 512MB RAM, while the iPhone 3GS with 256MB. The lowly iPhone 3G, on the other hand, comes with only 128MB — one fourth of what ships with the latest model.

In its compatibility statement, Apple says that iOS 4 works with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G. Adding that “not all features are compatible with all devices. For example, multitasking is available only with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.”

Translation: it will work on the iPhone 3G but don’t have high expectations.
This sounds totally plausible with the issues I’m having, but the situation is still sucks.

Anyway, back to more positive blog entries!

*tsk* *tsk*

Oh Apple, how you have made me oh so very sad. I updated to the 4.0 software the other day. My phone is one of those ancient 3G’s. I can’t do some of the fun things Tyler can on his 3GS and since the update, I am experiencing battery dumps and the system freezes constantly. Rebooting? Takes minutes now. Silly me didn’t think to research any potential issues but now that I have, I read that I am not alone with these issues. Some say it is a conspiracy to force older iPhone owners to purchase new phones. Sorry, I paid full price for mine and I haven’t had this one long enough to get my discount.

I really believe they should come out with an alternative service pack that will allow 3G owners to revert back to the previous software version. I don’t want to have to take it in and have AT&T revert it to factory settings. For further software additions? If the older technology cannot support it, please prompt me that an upgrade is not appropriate for my handheld.

Apple needs to fix this. Once again, I am losing confidence in the company.

If I’m missing something that I can do on my own, please tell me!

When no Cat Bus is available…

Cat Bus
{ Photo credit: SUPERBOMBA! }


I’ve been a fan of My Neighbor Totoro for a long time. A group of friends even fantasized of doing a lift sized Cat Bus costume, long ago. Imagine my glee last night seeing a Totoro plushie while watching Toy Story 3.

This print was posted to Pinterest and I just had to snag it for the new studio. }:)

My Neighbor Totoro Print

Purchased from Kannaya. Etsy Store

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