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Bon Weekend – Muwhahahahahah!

We’re a few steps closer to next year’s frightening show. Michael had an old 22 amp variac that needed work because of water damage. He fixed it and then built a beautiful case to house it. The meter is vintage Weston that he modified by installing two blue LED’s inside.

As the title states… Muwhahahahahahahahaha!

Only three days left!

Apartment Therapy’s Room for Color 2001 Contest

Evita’s ‘Vintage Panama’ Room
We would love, love, love your vote!

Happy Monday – Infected with more technology

I’ve had the Instagram app on my phone for a long time but have never used it. As I’ve become a little more active on Twitter I’ve noticed many people using it, so when a couple of my our friends came to visit this weekend and took some sweet shots via the app, I got hooked. Here are a couple of Michael’s studio.

We left the Samhain decorations up for them to see in person, and here’s one of Steph’s shots.

Oh yeah, this app is a keeper.


It’s been a while since I’ve shared some tinkerings from the other side of the hall, so here’s a sweet little gadget Michael finished last night.

Says Michael, “I’ve been experimenting with a device that way be able to suck the free electrons from the Earth. The Earth is a big capacitor which contains free electric charges. If it is possible to create or to find a potential imbalance between two points in the ground, it seems possible to suck additional electrons from the ground and thus to create an increase of the current flow through a wire connected between these two points. Early in his researches in Colorado Springs, Nikola Tesla wanted to collect free energy from the Earth capacitor between the ground and the ionosphere by the use of a parametric resonance with the TMT project. Later, Tesla found that it is possible to do the same process with only the use of the ground by using the natural imbalance of the ground potential produced by the telluric currents flow underground and Tesla found that this could be done by the use of an asymmetric displacement of current. To help me find the imbalance of the ground potential on the surface of the Earth induced by underground telluric currents, I have built and I use a experimental surface tellurmeter (a low impedance electrometer).”

I’ll just call it purrty.

Bon Weekend – Rage against the throw away technology.

Michael never ceases to make me smile. His monitor died the other day and he’s been trying to adapt to the Mac OS on my laptop {he replaced the keyboard after I spilled my tea on it last year} until we could buy a new one. He was totally loving the transition, but curiosity got the better of him and he decided to pull the monitor apart and saw that three of the capacitors were starting to swell. He took them off and tested them to find out they were indeed bad. Thankfully his High Voltage obsession has caused him to collect just about every size cap out there and he was able to fix the monitor.

For some reason I thought this deserved a pictorial of sorts. The part of camera shy Michael is being played today by Nunzilla.

Nunzilla thought she was being funny until she realized she needs reading glasses. They say W5A.

So take that throw away technology!

Science & Art

The first lamp arrived on Saturday. I gotta say, it’s not just a lamp, it’s a work of art. Seriously, this is the kind of stuff that makes us giddy and the thought of breaking it down and carefully restoring it to it’s former glory is very inspiring. The photos are of the lamp having just been pulled out of the box, so it’s a little dusty.

Gooseneck lamp

As we suspected from looking at the original photo, the shade and socket are brass. We aren’t sure about the neck and base just yet. The Mason’s emblem is in pretty good shape. The cord is an entertaining patch job and we would replace it with cloth covered wire if it weren’t going on the wall. Then again, we have that second lamp coming in…

Gooseneck Lamp

The socket has a porcelain insulator inside and is in wonderful condition other than needing a good cleaning and new wiring, and we’re so using it. In the second photo, Michael is trying to clean the plastic switches with GOJO to see if they’re made of Bakelite. It works the same way that using Scrubbing Bubbles in that whatever you’re using to rub the cleaner on with will turn yellowish. GOJO cleans Bakelite to a beautiful shine, and maybe I’ll be able to convince Michael to post the process of when he buffed the dial of his new Variac. His first attempt tells us no, but he’s going to try it again now that the socket unit is completely disassemlbled.

I hope this won’t take too long as I want to declare our room finished for this phase. Garden weather is upon us!

Snarks the Clarks no more.

I love awesome deals.

While Michael went to buy a few parts at Radio Shack, I walked down to Phillips Shoes to drool at their {limited collection} of El Naturalista‘s. They are having a sale, 50 – 75% off selected shoes. I wandered over to the rack and found the most adorable Clarks clogs. I’ve needed a new pair of clogs since my last wooden soled pair bit it a couple years ago. I must confess that I’ve snarked the Clarks in my time saying that they design towards an older audience. Sure, I had a pair of Wallabee‘s when I was a kid, but their collection was never appealing to me. Well, somewhere along the line they started designing hipper looking shoes and I got older. Worlds collide and wham! I’m sporting a pair of sassy shoes at 75% off!

My feet are very happy right now.

eta – I really should proof my posts better!

I Command Thee…

I first ran across Portland, Maine’s design studio Atmostheory‘s work when I pinned Land.Sea.Air to my wish list. I’ve this post sitting in draft mode for a while and decided to go back and look through the site. I love the collection but the series of Commands really tickles me as I’m a key command junkie, especially in Photoshop.

{ Close your eyes and open your mind } { Please do not copy – create something new }
{ Save me from these fools }

Do Want!

The are multitudes of entertaining usb hubs for whatever strikes your fancy. Come to think of it, I personally have never seen a Death Star version. Anyway, I saw this today and it made me smile and add it to my wishlist.

Aphrodite USB Hub

Now if they’d only bring back Hubzilla, this time as a USB hub.

Happy Monday!

So many friends are blanketed in a winter wonderland this morning. I looked out the window and there’s NO SNOW. In Charleston, can you believe it? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you. We finally addressed the paint situation in our bedroom yesterday and will finish up other odds’n’ends in there today. I’m a tad embarrassed we let it go so long. Pictures soon!

I found these blankets yesterday via Pinterest and had to share them.

Mario Blanket
Super Mario
{ Photos by Flickr user The Yarn Geek. }

Keep warm!

I wish I had a clever title for this.

As well some clever copy. However, I believe this stands on it’s own!

{ From 826DC – The Museum of Unnatural History by Oliver Munday. }

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