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How does your moss grow?

I’ve always loved the look of moss covered pagoda lanterns. I have dreamed of one day seeing the two we have covered. Ok, one isn’t going to be a reality as long as it’s sitting in the sun all day but the one behind the pond has started to see some growth on the paver base. We have a nice row of moss along the bottom porch step/landing that I scraped off and placed on the roof and side yesterday. I didn’t add a coating of anything to it such as yogurt or beer. I figured that since it was growing elsewhere without help then maybe it would take off on the stone.

I’m open to suggestions!

{ Top photo credits: www.tochigidailyphoto.com1 | 2 }

Monday, Monday

I’ll start the week off with a mega dose of cute! I finished clearing the back porch of the remnants of Operation Greenhouse and while I still need to do a bit of organizing, life has returned to normal. And by normal I mean the cats are out there from the moment the door is opened until late in the evening when we close it for the night. Well, minus the time they spend hanging with mom.

Now, a little more on the ‘good’ side of a mild winter as mentioned in Friday’s post. I cut back most of the parrots feather in the pond and lo and behold, lily is coming back! The King of Siam is a tropical lily and in my laziness I didn’t bring it in for the winter.  Now we wait to see if we get this in a few months. Oh, and we’ll most likely move it to the big pond where it can get a little more exposure to the sun.

Hyams had these beautiful hanging baskets on sale a couple months back and I finally got around to planting something in them. We also picked up two begonias (our collection is coming along quite nicely!) while we were there and I decided to add those to the baskets. I also rummaged around the beds for various additional foliage. I hope these grow into something lovely!

And last but not least, another fun discovery. Back in November or December I cut a stalk of the umbrella plant to experiment with the prescribed propagation method, which is to turn it upside down and stick it in the dirt. It was in a spare pot and I thought it was long dead from the wilds of neglect and was wonderfully surprised when I saw this little shoot peeking through the dirt. I planted it behind the pond on Saturday. Now on to more propagating for other areas in the yard and to share with others. 🙂

Happy Monday!

Bon Weekend – Anniversaries

I moved the blog from Blogger a year ago this week. I’ve been very happy with WordPress so far. I’ll celebrate three years of big time blogging in August. Woot!

I took a few Instagram photos of some of the plants today. I’m happy to see more life emerging from the ground. The mild winter has been great in some respect but we’re going to pay for it this summer. The good:

It’s mid-March and some of the ginger is already above my knee.

The kaffir lime did very well in the pot and only lost a bit off the top.

I’m still scratching my head with this peony. We thought it long dead last summer but here it is!

I love Green Fever. Please have a safe and fabulous weekend. If the weather works, I hope everyone gets some quality outside time!

The makeshift greenhouse worked wonders

I made some pretty good progress in the back beds over the last couple of days. The side was empty a year ago! I’ve made it to the other corner of the house, to the banana plant. In a fit of hating the creeping jenny I planted in various places last year (it got leggy and has made me unhappy), I’m pulling it up and replacing it with the sedum ground cover pictured below, which we have elsewhere. Like in the top photo. The big fish will be moved to the big pond once we have it dug and everything installed. I hope that happens before it gets too hot but we’ll see! The parrots feather needs to be addressed and I’m waiting to see if the lily is going to come back. I didn’t winterize it. The fish seem to be very happy!

Dirt therapy

We’ve spent time every day this week working to reclaim the back yard. We brought the plants off the porch to give them a taste of the outside and will hopefully take the plastic down this weekend. It’s exciting to see life popping up from their winter hibernation. Several stalks of ginger are quite high at the moment as well as the canna.

I decided to pull together some of my favorite photos from last year to inspire us to make it bigger and greener this year! It feels great to have dirt under my nails again. 🙂

2011 in review

When I look back on what we did last year I see that we accomplished quite a bit! Sometimes it’s easy to lose track while going through the daily, weekly and monthly grind. Here are the highlights of what we did/made…

We went from ugh to ah in a matter of months. I was frustrated with myself for putting off starting a few things but in the end I think it worked for the better!

What we did in 2011:
Painting and a needed update for our bedspread. I’m still thinking of going with white and accenting with color through pillows.
Hung our Nelson bubble lamps.
Starry pelmet

What we need to work on/finish:
Recover bedside stools & redo lamps
Wood floors or decent carpeting
Louvered door for the closet

Stay tuned to Offbeat Home this week for the constellation light tutorial!

My Studio
I loved it when we got it set up the previous year but after working in it for a while I realized I needed to make changes.

What we did in 2011:
Made the steel prep table mobile
New flooring
New center work table
Reorganized the layout

Window shelf (in action)
Thread storage

What we need to work on/finish:
More shelving
The closet of doom

Breakfast Nook
A lackluster and unused space became a family project. Mom served for much of the inspiration.


Worm sign

The holidays have been super busy and I have a couple new posts to share before the end of the year, but I had to share this. The bizarro weather has had us out in shorts (until late yesterday) working in the garden and pruning bonsai. We also noticed …

Worm sign! I am probably more excited about this than I should be, but they’ve moved out from the garden beds and into the yard. They’ve made great distance. I think there’s hope for our super shitty soil now. The dirt must flow.

Carry on.

What is it ‘they’ say about one door closing and another opening?

Also known as failures in gardening. I mentioned last week that we had a sick Japanese Maple and that we put it in the ‘hospital’ hoping for a recovery. For reference, here it is in June. We finally conceded to defeat. I’m a little distraught over it’s demise but I’m trying to be positive that we’ve replaced it with something I think is equally awesome… a blueberry tree!

Notice the empty gurney. 🙁 We’re keeping it in the corridor while we eagerly await a new maple.

Excuse me while I get back to weeping. Next year I hope to weep in my cereal and muffins.

Finally! Hakonechloa, Aureola

Back in April I mentioned that I placed an order for a few plants with Hyams. Well, they never arrived { I think it had to do with their supplier. }. Don’t know why so I gave up, but it never left my mind. I was going through some garden inspiration images in August and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I ordered a couple of plants from Burpee’s. Burpee’s only ships live plants twice a year and their fall shipments go out the first part of October. I tried to put the long wait out of my mind and it worked, because the tracking email from UPS totally surprised me. It felt like finding a $20 while going through clothes in the laundry bin!

Let’s hope they manage well in this area.

The garden in review

We took the sunshade down this weekend and I took a few photos. I know I’ve posted a lot in reference to what we’ve done outside, but I thought it would be good to do a retrospective of this year’s work. We’ve had some great success and some things need to go back to the drawing board. We hope to get the patio done this fall, as well as the French drains. It was just too damn hot this summer to deal with that kind of work.

But first, here’s a detail shot of some Selaginella moss. There are more detail shots behind the jump.

There are some areas of the yard that I’ve left out because they’re struggling right now. Those are what will have to go back to the drawing board in the off-season. (more…)

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