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Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper

This tiny {leg expanse wasn’t wider than a dime} electric green guy was on the porch door yesterday. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Michael snapped the best shot he could, while all the time it was trying to jump at him. A friend helped identify it as Lyssomanes viridis – Magnolia Green Jumper. In the southeastern US it is one of the most easily recognized jumping spider, with it’s neon green body and large orange ‘cap’. She’s an amazing photographer and said she would do ‘unmentionable things’ to get her hands on one. I’m trying to relocate it. 😉

Neon spider

More on the Magnolia Green Jumper. >>

Domestic Bliss – Beat the Heat

Another day of scorching heat made me look back at our summer tablescape from last year. I must confess that my mother did most of this scene and I find it very soothing when I look at the photos.


The tile floors in the kitchen|dinning room|bar made it the most comfortable area in the {old} house last year.

Domestic Bliss – Hydrangeas

They seem to be popping up all over the bloggerverse, so I’ll add a photo of one of ours, taken before the move.


We finally got both of them in the ground last week and are doing beautifully. One started with white flowers but my mother asked that we plant some rusty bits in the ground with them to coax them to turn blue. They’re pretty much past blooming state at their size. I’ll let you know next blooming cycle.


We took a lovely day trip to another one of my childhood favorite places yesterday, Edisto. It’s still mostly unspoiled and waves of wonderful memories crashed in my mind. I’m working a full length post of the history and lore of the island, but I need to jot down notes from my mother.

Sea Oats


Domestic Bliss – Dreamy Interiors

I realized last night that I hadn’t kept up with my ‘domestic bliss’ posts during the craziness of the impeding move and show. I’ll share an amazing photo I found via a pin on Pinterest. I went back to the original post on Desire to Inspire to share more of the images.

More of Manny Rodrigues’ photos. >>

Domestic Bliss – Through the garden gate.

{ Hipstamatic iPhone App Lens: John S | Film: Float | Flash: Off }

We’ve spent the last few days outside spray painting outdoor furniture and goods. I do most of the sanding (thank goodness for orbital sanders!) and Michael is the spray painting master. One of his college jobs was working at Sherwin Williams. The weather has been simply wonderful and all in all, it’s been very therapeutic.

While I’m waiting for Michael to finish, I have been walking around taking photos of various parts of this property. The house is in pretty poor shape, but the land around us is nothing short of spectacular. Some of the photos are good and some have come out a bit iffy. Sitting/standing still is sort of a challenge because the horseflies have been brutal recently. If I’m not mistaken it is their mating time. They’ll be quite the nuisance for about a month and then we generally don’t hear much from them for a year. I have some favorite spots that I’ll revisit over the next week and post to share.

Soon our beloved friend will have a new home to keep watch over.

Pickled Southerner

My post the other day where I admitted that I have no love for Azaleas could be tantamount to blasphemy by some. I think I could even hear a faint, “Well bless her heart!”. The passion I exhibit in my disdain for that lowly member of the rhododendron family can be equaled in my love for pickled foodstuffs. Cucumbers, beets, okra, carrots, garlic, jalapeños (yeah I eat them solo), watermelon rinds, etc. The hotter the better in my book!

Thanks to a lovely lady at the farmers market we currently have garlic, beets, carrots, and cucumbers in the fridge. I was eyeing some fresh okra at the booth where we got our cukes and tomatoes but got sidetracked by the goat cheese. I make some darn fine pickled okra, if I’m allowed to say. I used give them out as gifts along with homemade hummus and salsa.

Time to pick up some mason jars after the move.

Domestic Bliss – Bounty from the farmers market.

I’ve decided to try to dedicate no less than one post a week to the subject of domestic bliss. I used to do this a regular exercise in my journal. I think it will keep me motivated to remind myself of the beautiful things we have in our lives. It is easy to loose sight when so many stressors are present.

This week’s post of bliss comes from our scores at the farmers market yesterday. Last night we made a cucumber & tomato salad that came from one of the Johns Island growers. We had heated artisan focaccia from Rococco German Bakery, serving it with two goat cheeses from Burden Creek Dairy, a sea salt blend and an ‘Herbs de Provence’ blend. The Provence blend could have used a little salt, IMHO. We also purchased some chocolate mint, thai basil and rosemary plants. Getting ready for the herb garden.

Another project that’s been on my ‘must do’ list is to make chevre/goat cheese. All good things in all good time, right? That’s ultimately what I hope some these posts will accomplish, making me bring some of these ideas to fruition.

After we’re settled in the new house I hope to be able to take photos of some of the dishes we prepare. I guess I could take photos of the market goods at their booths with my fun new Hipstamatic app. 🙂

Saturday Hipstamatic Love

Hipstamatic iPhone App
I must admit that I haven’t fallen into the ‘Life is Apptacular!’ mode. I have very few apps for my phone and all of those are free. I only recently did a major update to my software because my old computer made it extremely difficult to manage it without borking the OS. My goodness, all the lovely new apps I can download and actually use! Flickr, LJ, and Facebook are to name a few. I need to see if they have a Blogger app yet.

I recently discovered the very cool Hipstamatic app, which makes the very crappy iPhone camera tolerable! I decided to venture into the realm of purchasing apps with this fine software. We went to the Farmers Market today and I snapped a few pics. This is going to make for a lot of fun.


Most of these were taken with the John S or Jimmy lenses and shot on Blanko or Kodot Verichrome ‘film’. I am looking forward to purchasing more lenses soon.

Domestic Bliss

A very happy belated Beltane wishes to everyone! We spent our anniversary yesterday by going to the weekly Farmers Market at Marion Square. We picked up a few small delectables, and wandered into Thackeray Farms’ booth where we purchased two bunches of wheat. It’s a gorgeous shade of green. I took this picture early in the morning and of course, I had to tweak it so that it looks nothing like what sits in front of me. 🙂

{ Click on image to enlarge. }

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