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Bon Weekend – ‘Tis the season…finally!

We got most of the Yule | Christmas decorating finished last night. Here are some teaser photos of some of our stuff. More to come on Monday! I’m very thankful the awesome lady at the tree place gave us an armful of tree cuttings!

Almost everything is from last year, even the snow!

I also have to include a photo of the matriarch, who rarely poses, but she was having the best time with her sassy new garland!

The boys are spending most evenings sleeping under the tree.

Bon Weekend

I’m so very thankful that the issues in my last post were resolved quickly and rather painlessly. Michael is now the proud owner of a new phone (he’s like a kid with new puppy) and Best Buy exchanged the DVD player. Apparently they only have a 30 day grace period, including total failure, but they were more than happy to do it.

I have been working on a new round of pillows that will be finished tonight and hopefully be for sale tomorrow!

Have a great weekend.

Bedroom progress

The week is half over and I still need to do a write-up of the Lowcountry Artist Market, which was a lot of fun. In the meantime, here is some bedroom progress to share!

We’ve needed a dresser in the bedroom since we’ve moved in but nothing has happened, for a variety of reasons. I have been hoping to score something close to a campaign chest for some time now. I came close to one at one of our local Habitats, but we didn’t have the extra funds at that time and it was gone when we went back. This particular Habitat is on the pricey side, btw. We’ve had a rattan dresser in the garage. My mother has had it for years but sometimes I have an aversion to it. But push came to shove on Sunday and Michael pulled it out, cleaned it and we brought it upstairs. I was originally thinking we’d shove it in the closet but something got the better of me and I put it in the corner on my side of the room. I like it. I think it works. I may eventually paint it but for now, it works. Oh, and several treasured pieces have been able to come out of storage we well! The red magazine rack refurb can be found in this post.

The Leo light can be seen lit up here. We still need to add the extra lights on the board and decide if it’s going to live there. I’m considering moving the Jane Avril over when we finish a frame project we found at a thrift store.

Here it is June, after we changed the comforter and I found the mirror, which I needed for the Farmers Market.

We bought the lamp two years ago with the intention of painting the wood and brass elements, but nothing has been done to it. So, I changed the lamp shade (we had the same color and style in house) and put it out. I have been able to make use of a small display case we found while thrifting earlier in the year.


Puttying about

Oh dear, I do believe I sounded a tad cranky yesterday! I finished sanding the magazine rack and got a coat of spray paint applied. I have no idea what I was thinking when I picked out the color, so we picked up another shade of red while we were on a supply run at Lowe’s tonight. Good thing as I borked the paint in a couple of places. Seriously though, I should leave the spray painting to Michael. He worked for Sherwin Williams while in college and is the spray master!

I got the sanding and filling done on the stairs and will do another round of light sanding before painting. Hopefully we can start that tomorrow night. We’re doing white kick plates and steps will be Paradise Green by Valspar.

The photo on the left was taken just after I pulled up the nasty carpet runner.

I’m also going to paint the banister/railing white.

Monday, Monday

Wow, what an incredibly beautiful weekend we’ve had here in the Lowcountry! We’ll start to feel things return to ‘normal’ over the next few days, but in the meantime we’re spending as much time outside as we can. We worked on clipping several plants for rooting and we’re about to separate the papyrus’ and a few others and move them to other beds. I am so excited to see the garden starting to propagate!


I can’t get over how many gorgeous varieties of coleus we’ve seen this year. We’re propagating about four different plants right now.

Making an entrance

We’re about to head downtown for the Farmers Market and since I missed getting this up yesterday, I thought I’d take a couple of minutes to get another project posted. We’re working on our entry/landing area. We used primed bead board for this project.

Michael lightly hung up the coat rack to show mom the progress.

We just need to sand the patches and then paint. The umbrella stand needs a bath and possibly a paint job and we need to find something that will work as boot trays. We also decided on the color Paradise Green from Valspar for the stairs.

We may have this finished by the end of the weekend. The garden always beckons…

And there was much rejoicing.

fireworks 21
Photo by Flickr user ursmajor.

I’ve been away yet I’ve been right here. There have a few events happening in RL that combined with trying to keep up with multiple social networking sites I, well, let the dust start collecting here. When I was ready to start posting a few weeks back I couldn’t think of where to start. A friend simply said, “Just post something, anything, but do it to get rolling again.”. She’s right! I think I’ll share some highlights of what I’ve/we’ve been working on since I flew the coop. I’ll then repost each with more information and details! So without further ado and for your viewing pleasure I give… you pictures!

We revamped our breakfast nook last month. I really love hanging out in this space!

I made these collapsible display busts for the booth inspired by this wonderful tutorial on Design*Sponge:

I completed an intensely fun painting project recently. No really, it was incredibly therapeutic!

Michael cleaned and rewired this beautiful clock we found at thrift store.

We’ve made some great progress in the garden/back yard. We installed a shade sail/sail shade with a collapsible pole system this weekend. It’s not finished but I have this so far.

We had some water issues in the pond that had us stumped for a while but I think we’ve worked them out. This little frog has taken up permanent residence in the pond.

As well as one frisky dragonfly.

We got our new carnivorous garden started.

I showed no mercy when I ripped the nasty old carpet off the stairs last week.

That’s it for today. I’ve really missed this place. ♥

Pier at the Edge of America

Michael and drove out to Folly [ aka The Edge of America ] tonight to look at the Harvest Moon. We took several shots of the moon and the pier. This is the first that I have uploaded and had to share it! This one was taken by Michael.

{ Click image to enlarge }

More to come!

Happy Monday.

Yesterday was my birthday. Michael drove us out to Edisto Beach (State Park) to spend the afternoon, and I’m looking forward to camping there during the fall. On the way home we picked up some Edisto seafood casserole and homemade key lime pie. We couldn’t wait till after dinner to bust into the pie. NOM.


Domestic Bliss – They loaded up the wagon and they moved it to Gwinnett…

When Michael moved in with me, neither one of us had much furniture. The logical thing to do was to hit IKEA to buy a bed, 2 bookcases, a dining room table, bar, sofa, coffee table, side tables, floating shelves, tv table, computer table, and a host of small stuff. We always knew it would be transitional furniture as we gathered ‘old stuff’ together.

Michael and Tyler are headed back to Atlanta today, and Michael is supposed to return mid to late week. Packed up with them is our tv, the tv table, and the small bookcase that Tyler will use in his room. In return, he will buy us a small tv that we will keep in the bedroom. As most of you know, this house is much smaller than the one we just left, the one that easily held ours and my parents households together. Moving these pieces has allowed a few of the ‘we don’t really have room for this’ furniture to be moved upstairs into our bedroom. They’re pieces we love and are happy to have in what will become our sanctuary once again.

A couple of photos taken in our last bedroom for reference…



That coffee table is in gnarly shape so it is going to be taken apart and possibly stored to be salvaged into something else at a later point.

My jewelry will go back to this display, with a little different flair.

Vintage jewelry

In other news, the stencil came in a couple of weeks ago. I love it, but we’ve decided there are too many angles and turns in the bedroom walls to make it anything less than hell to apply. I’m going to use it in the dining room and do a freehand design in the bedroom.

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