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Painter’s Tape DIY Contest Finalist

A couple weeks ago I sent in my entry for the Painter’s Tape DIY Contest. I was thrilled to receive an email that my project was selected as one of the top 20 finalists (psst… it’s the painted planter)!

All the entries in the groupings are incredible and wow, I’m honored to be included among such great work. Please go look at the Group 1 and vote for your favorite from that group.

Thanks again, D*S and I’m already planning a project from Group 1.

Design*Sponge Paper Snowflake Mini-Garland

Hooray! I would like to shout a big ‘Thank You’ to Design*Sponge for featuring the snowflake mini-garland today.

♥ ♥ ♥

A work in progress

I was going to wait until we tackled the closet of doom before posting the finished studio shots, but what the hell. I really loved the studio when we finished it last summer but as I hadn’t really worked long term in the space I eventually found that several things didn’t work for me. I felt confined and that I wasn’t getting much use the chalkboard because I had a hard time comfortably reaching much of the area.

This is how the studio looked way back when…

And here we are today…

I think I may have mentioned that I had fantasies of using reclaimed wood to use for the floor and I know I’ve blabbered on that my interim hopes were of painting the subfloor a gorgeous shade of deep sea blue. I was also aiming to keep this as inexpensive as possible.  (more…)

The great cover up.

A comment on the D*S post reminded me that we did indeed need a breath of freshness in our bed linens, especially the bed cover. I searched high and low and of course, I found *the one* at Anthropologie, the Laelia quilt. I shared it for my birthday request but still had a lot of guilt about the cost. The quilt and shams bring it to just under $400 and I could have gone for the quilt only, but the shams do add some flavor. We were at Home Goods yesterday and found this beautiful quilt featuring peonies, butterflies and bees. I cannot resist peonies. I really love it but I’m trying to decide if it’s competing with the red elements or if I should embrace it.

New quilt

Bed Wall

New quilt


Bedroom Update and Thank You Design*Sponge!

I’m very please to share that Design*Sponge has featured the bedroom wall painting project! Thanks D*S! ♥

ETA: I just learned that the process I used for the wall treatment is referred to as ‘shadow striping’, thanks to a wonderful D*S sneak peek I found on Pinterest!

I’ve gone into some more details of the bedroom project behind the cut. (more…)

Studio Transformation

Thank you for the feature Design*Sponge!

Design*Sponge feature!

All images click through to their Flickr hosting, with several notes!

I was terrified to take on this monster after the move. I decided to keep the color of room painted by the previous owners.



After we made some progress in the room we installed the new lights and fan, all purchased from Lowe’s.

Then it was time to paint the magnetic chalkboard.


Design*Sponge DIY Feature

We’ve been blogged at one of my long time favorite design blogs, Design*Sponge!


Thank you Grace!

ETA : I love d*s reader Azzy’s suggestion of painting the vellum with India ink. I’m thinking of trying it myself when I can get downtown to pickup the supplies. Thank you!

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