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Bon Weekend – Dreaming of a White Yule/Christmas

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Snow for the holidays in Charleston? It has happened before! If my memory serves me right the last time it occurred was just after Hurricane Hugo, and it snowed close to a foot. It was UNBELIEVABLE. Bohicket Road never looked so beautiful, nor did downtown.

We’re fast approaching the close of another year, depending on which calendar you use. 🙂 These next two weeks will most likely be gone before I know it. I’ve recently applied for a position that I would really, really love to have. That’s all I’m going to say at this time as I’m very superstitious about overly promoting that kind of stuff. I may have even said too much by posting here but what the hell, perhaps I need to throw caution to the wind this time. I have completely abandoned making new products for my Etsy store even though many Etsy members have had faith in my work to feature me in Treasuries. To all of you, my most heartfelt thank you. I’m looking to January to reinvest myself in my work and brainstorming to come up with new ideas for products and how I present my work.

Michael’s birthday is on Monday. I’m very excited and we’re celebrating it tomorrow. We decided to have Monday be a celebration for him and my father. Everything is supposed to be SUPER SEKRIT, minus him knowing we’re doing something tomorrow. Hopefully noting else has slipped. I haven’t been able to resist a little tease here and there for the past few weeks.

Bon weekend everyone, I’ll see you on Monday!

Autumn is upon us!

Ok, it’s a teeny bit before the Equinox and it’s been hot again these last several days, but the change in the air is very apparent and it makes us oh-so very happy!

Autumn '09

Autumn '09
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This was our tablescape in the bedroom last year. We need to start on the dining room, pronto!

I wanted to share some more photos of the fair while I’m working on a deadline for tomorrow.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Mr. Clown
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Happy Labor Day!

Here are a few images from The Great Allentown Fair, which we attended Saturday late afternoon/early evening. We actually did things besides sitting around drinking copious amounts of absinthe all weekend!

swing1 Jester
Fried Dough haunted
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Happy Labor Day!

Here are a few images from The Great Allentown Fair, which we attended Saturday late afternoon/early evening.



Fried Dough

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Bon Weekend.

I know it’s Thursday and all, but we’re bypassing our annual trek to Dragon*Con and getting on a plane this afternoon to head up to Pennsylvania to see old friends. We’re very excited as it’s been a long time since we last saw them.

Antique East Glasses

Be safe this weekend!

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy celebration today! I think we’re going downtown tonight to try to get a spot to see the Patriots Point fireworks show.

Macy's 4th of July Fireworks over the Hudson River & Manhattan, 2009 (large)
{ Photo credit: caruba }

Happy Mothers Day!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any older photos of my mother on this hard drive. I need to scan them. So, I’ll post this photo taken by Michael at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, about four years ago.

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Bon Weekend.

Our first wedding anniversary is tomorrow, on Beltane. Our celebration was on Friday, so today is indeed the start to a good weekend!


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{Photo credit: Stacy Bode}


Happy New Year everyone! We would like to wish you a safe, happy and healthy year.

We’ve had our Hoppin’ John and collards already.

Evita & Michael

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