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And there was much rejoicing.

fireworks 21
Photo by Flickr user ursmajor.

I’ve been away yet I’ve been right here. There have a few events happening in RL that combined with trying to keep up with multiple social networking sites I, well, let the dust start collecting here. When I was ready to start posting a few weeks back I couldn’t think of where to start. A friend simply said, “Just post something, anything, but do it to get rolling again.”. She’s right! I think I’ll share some highlights of what I’ve/we’ve been working on since I flew the coop. I’ll then repost each with more information and details! So without further ado and for your viewing pleasure I give… you pictures!

We revamped our breakfast nook last month. I really love hanging out in this space!

I made these collapsible display busts for the booth inspired by this wonderful tutorial on Design*Sponge:

I completed an intensely fun painting project recently. No really, it was incredibly therapeutic!

Michael cleaned and rewired this beautiful clock we found at thrift store.

We’ve made some great progress in the garden/back yard. We installed a shade sail/sail shade with a collapsible pole system this weekend. It’s not finished but I have this so far.

We had some water issues in the pond that had us stumped for a while but I think we’ve worked them out. This little frog has taken up permanent residence in the pond.

As well as one frisky dragonfly.

We got our new carnivorous garden started.

I showed no mercy when I ripped the nasty old carpet off the stairs last week.

That’s it for today. I’ve really missed this place. ♥

The Accidental Lamp

The accicental lamp arrived yesterday and…we’ve decided to use this in the corner in question. It was sold sans shade so we’ll need to be address that ASAP! I’ve seen a few of the old lamps with milk glass shades {would need an extra clamp?} and I’m going in search of one. Like the other lamp, we’ll clean/rebuild the old socket.

Lotus Lamp

Michael has *suggested* that the other lamp would be perfect in his lab.

It’s in the stars

I found the above image on Pinterest during the weekend. It’s the ‘All Star’ wallpaper from Barneby Gates, the company who makes the gorgeous Deer Damask wallpaper I posted about a while back. It’s really beautiful and it made me take another turn in what I’m envisioning for our bedroom walls.

Two things have been certain in my mind since we knew we were buying this house, flat white walls with high-gloss white highlights. I want subtle yet interesting textures in the room without overpowering it. At first I thought about stenciling and couldn’t decided between these three stencil designs from Cutting Edge Stencils on Etsy. We chose the first design and ordered it. It’s a really wonderful stencil and I want to use it, but we have a few odd angles and several corners { more than four } in the room, and I’ve been debating whether I wanted to put so much work into right now. I decided to roll it up for another time or another room and then began thinking about doing something freehand. The idea was very appealing but I was beginning to see that the walls are holding up progress in finishing the space. So I went back to an idea that’s been greatly influenced by the AMAZING designs of Modachrome Home‘s wonderfully talented Eve, where I would cut the designs from sticker vinyl. Using this process would allow us to stage the room and begin to feel at home while applying the highlights. I was toying with the idea of something in a fleur-de-lis with freehand embellishments when I stumbled up on the image above. Ah ha! How awesome would it be to continue the stars theme on to the walls? They don’t have to be in a uniform pattern and even better is that I won’t have to take anything down to apply them!

I think it sounds like a darn nifty idea. And by darn nifty, I mean easy and hopefully painless. I’m ordering the vinyl today and will post progress shots. I don’t think it will take too long to complete the project.

OH! We’ve made a decision on the light fixture from last week’s post. We’re going the route of eBay and I’ll post more if we win the auction. Please wish us luck!

The Belle Époque corner.

Still not finished, but a little more progress. We hung the bistro table top we made for our wedding reception, in our bedroom. We used it after the wedding, on our porch, until we moved to the new house last year. We may use it in the same capacity sometime down the road but for now, we want to have in our room with us.

I considered doing a little restoration on the finish as it’s taken some dings while in use but we decided that we liked the character it’s developed.

In the tune of ‘Rubber Ducky’.

Saucer pendant, you’re the one
You make bath time lots of fun
Saucer pendant, I’m awfully fond of you

We made more progress in our bedroom yesterday by hanging our beloved $8.00 Nelson Saucer Pendant Lamps. Here is a snapshot of what I call ‘boob lamps’ before we started painting.

I call these 'boob lamps'.

But before we could get that accomplished, we needed to clean off some serious ick. They’ve gotten progressively dustier over the last several years {and being stored for 7 months now} and even had bird poop on one of them! A bird got into the house – it flew in through the torn porch screen and through the open door – just before we moved last year and must have been in our bedroom for quite a while before we found it perched atop one of the lamps. Poor thing was terrified.

Bath time!
{ I have no idea why the pendant looks so small while Michael is holding it. Maybe it’s because he has giant bear paws! }

This was totally by the seat of our pants. We have no idea if there is a recommended process for cleaning the funky, skink-like plastic material (you know we could have actually tried Googling it), but Michael suggested a little Oxy Clean. I’m happy to say that they are greatly improved.

Saucer Lamps

Installed! Lowe’s didn’t have any flat white ceiling caps so we had to go with the decorative ones.

Bonus! Michael found the ground attached to a live wire when he pulled off the second boob lamp. As you can see, it had been slowly sparking. This is the second electrical snafu we’ve found in the house. One of the outlets in my studio sparked and caught on fire in late August.

Wire Cap

We’re a little concerned about this.

And the winner is…

Number One! Here’s a picture of the stencil in color:

I ordered the stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils on Etsy. We’re looking to rehab/hack our MALM bed. We’ve had it for 4 years now and we’re in need of something a little different. We’ve talked about several ideas but last night one came to mind. We’ll take off the side tables – the room is just too small for them, put the bed on heavy duty casters, and then paint it in the same style as the walls, but in a different color. The stencil will carry over but won’t dominate as it’s 18″ high. I chose the wall color and I’m asking Michael to choose the bed frame color.

Input would be greatly appreciated!

Michael and I are eagerly awaiting our room set-up. I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I feel like going with white walls would be the best with our limited light. I also want to do a stencil. I was considering making my own design but was introduced to an Etsy seller who makes reusable stencils. Now bear with me as I try to explain what I’m envisioning. I’m thinking of using a flat white (I know…) and then painting the stencil in a gloss white. I think that the reflection via the light from the window and our lamps will create a lush texture on the walls without being overbearing. I was thinking of a sumptuous damask but then found the argyle-like pattern which is pictured first.

Wall Stencils
Click image to enlarge.


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