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Dinner with the Mad Scientist ll and Brooklyn Limestone Feature

Hello Brooklyn Limestone readers, and those still hanging around these parts! I’ve been a reader for several years and Stefanie’s decorations|party ideas knock my socks off, and I look forward to her Halloween posts with great anticipation! When she contacted me about a feature after I left a recent comment on the blog, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough.

We’re continuing the Dinner with the Mad Scientist theme from two years ago. Most of the usual suspects have returned and we’ve collected a few new pieces since. The previous post has information on many of the details we repurposed this year. I have also updated the Aged Specimen Jar Label DIY post.

Smaller images can be clicked to view larger versions.

Michael came up with the idea to add some Sharpie solution to the dark green I was using for the large specimen jars and the effect is delightfully eerie. We also played with a black light behind the jars while taking a few of the photos. (more…)


While we were in Nassau in February to celebrate Aileen’s birthday, our cab driver gave us a couple of Bahamian coins to bring back home. I wanted to do something fun with one of the coins to remind me of our weekend and gave it to my CFM neighbor, Stella Maris, to make into a ring. Stella is incredibly talented and makes the most wonderful jewelry. I absolutely love it.

If you’re in Charleston, please stop by and see her work. She’s at the Farmers Market on the first and third Saturdays and also organizes the Holy City Artist and Fleas.

It was a little too chilly to soak in it.

A surprise excursion to Nassau for two nights was the perfect weekend getaway to celebrate a birthday. The weather defied the cloudy forecast to give us clear skies, temperatures in the 70’s and a pampering breeze during the day. The Calgon colored water was tempting but a tad too cold for our comfort so we soaked it in from the comfort of our lounge chairs via sight, smell and sound.

I actually brought the DSLR but never took it out of the bag so it was the Hipstamatic to the rescue!


We stayed in downtown Nassau at the British Colonial Hilton, which was built on the site of the old Fort Nassau.


Graffiti along the Western Esplanade, on West Bay street. There was more art but I couldn’t get a decent shot from the street.




My very dearest Aileen will be showing her incredible art at Push Push Theater’s ‘El Fantasma: THE CIRCUS OF PARANORMAL PROPORTIONS!’ on Saturday. Hey, that’s tomorrow! If you’re in Atlanta, please stop by.

From their Facebook page…
‘From the fiendish minds at Bang! Arts Promotions comes El Fatasma! A paranormal circus event celebrating that backbone of Atlanta workshop theatre PushPush who for nearly 15 years have decimated the boundaries of contemporary theatre creating a place for Atlanta in the international arts scene and providing audiences with a one way ticket to new heights of theatrical experience. This one night only event will feature the musical stylings of Ghosts Project along with the high flying improvisational hi-jinx of Flight of Swallows. Spend an evening being tempted by the lucious cupcake treats of The Sugar Dolls as you are astounded by the talents of the renowned Imperial Opa Circus. Special guest appearance by Madame de la Mita, maven of the tarot cards. All to benefit PushPush as they launch their latest project Slow Down Atlanta, an adventure into the lives of five college roommates who grow up to run their own Paranormal Investigative team in order to buy those staples of adult living: pizza and beer. Run away and join the circus! Nov 20th. 7pm 121 New Street #4, Decatur $15-$25’

What day of the week is it?

We arrived home last night from our whirlwind weekend in Atlanta. I’m still very tired today and have a ton to catch up on. It was a mostly working weekend, with ample time for silly antics at night. Michael hung track lighting for the museum where our friend Andy is the director. I am currently redesigning their website. We both lost a days work due to various technicalities. I learned that my laptop can no longer function with an external keyboard and mouse. We need to buy a used top portion and see if that will allow us to have some kind of decent portable technology. Unfortunately that caused us to miss a few goings on about town on Saturday and limited my time at fabric mecca to a mere 30-45 minutes, which is a bit cruel considering I haven’t been able to step foot in Gail’s in over 2 years. I threatened to drop to the floor and roll around a bit, but it was a wee bit crowded while Aileen and I were there. I managed to pick up a few pieces of fabric and I hope to get back for just a supply run next month.

This is one of a few photos taken at Aileen and Mike’s place. They are two of the most extraordinary humans on the planet and I adore Aileen’s style.

Our Darling
Our Darling

I hope to get more posts up about various adventures in Atlanta.

Trunk Show in the Bay Area

For the Bay Area friends…
My very dear friend Aileen’s band, Trunk Show, will be performing several shows during the last weekend in August through Labor Day Weekend, and then heading down to Huntington Beach for a show on the 8th..

Aug 27-29 Café Van Kleef, Oakland, CA

Sept 1 Live on Mister Odom’s Bottomless Pit @ Pirate Cat Radio, 5pm

Sept 2 Kimo’s Bar & Penthouse Lounge, San Francisco, CA 9pm
www.kimosbarsf.com (w/Damon & the Heathens and Mermaid Bones)

Sept 3 Ghosttown Galleries, Oakland, CA 10pm

Sept 6 Kaleidoscope (Labor Day BBQ!), San Francisco, CA 5-8pm
www.kaleidoscopefreespeechzone.com (w/Mister Odom & The Odom Poles and The Lee Vilensky Trio)

Sept. 8 Blue Cafe Live, Huntington Beach, CA

You can hear samples of some of their songs at http://www.myspace.com/whatisinyourtrunk. Most of the lead vocals are Aileen. If your musical tastes include Tom Waits and Nick Cave, then you should definitely check them out!

And it wasn’t just about me!

Michael’s Franklin Bells in front of the BiPolar Tesla Coil.

Franklin's Bells & BiPolar Tesla Coil

Aileen’s amazing work.

Aileen's WorkAileen's WorkAileen's WorkAileen's Work
{ Click on image to enlarge. }

Sadly, I didn’t get any photos of Gina’s stuff. I’m not sure how that happened. 🙁

DIY Ring Bowl/Nest

{Photo credit: Stacy Bode}
Aileen, ringbearer and friend extraordinaire.

{Photo credit: Evita Smith}

About two and a half years ago Michael discovered a nest being built in the side of the warehouse that faced our loft parking lot; just above an electrical juncture. He kept an eye on it because he thought the nest would be abandoned due to it’s precarious location. He was right, as usual, and he waited over a week after they stopped working on it before he brought it inside.
We realized it was just too fragile to use for the wedding and needed to look for something else. The bowl we choose has been a favorite of mine since I was a child. The moss came from Pottery Barn years ago. I know, we live in the land of moss but my mother fell in love with the green.

{Photo credit: Michael Judd}

{Photo credit: Stacy Bode}

{Photo credit: Michael Judd}

Michael’s Greenman ring made by Bellchamber goldsmiths. They’re awesome beyond words.

My engagement ring is an estate enameled white gold ring with a peridot center stone surrounded by diamonds. My wedding band is white gold eternity band and was cast from an antique mold.

{Photo credit: Stacy Bode}

Aileen acquiring last minute wishes from our friends before the ceremony starts.
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