Happy Mothers Day!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any older photos of my mother on this hard drive. I need to scan them. So, I’ll post this photo taken by Michael at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, about four years ago.

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DIY Graphics

I’ve shown our invitations before, but I have never shown the idea I had for our address labels. Time slipped away from us while getting them ready to mail so we ended up addressing them by hand with a silver pen. I was very pleased with how they turned out. When I started brainstorming ideas for our ‘day after’ photo shoot, I decided to go ahead and mock-up how I originally wanted the labels to look.

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The envelope lining is from a roll of vintage wallpaper I won on eBay.

Bon Weekend.

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been a good week here. My new computer arrived early in the week that has made it much easier to post here again. The flip side is that I’m on it so dang much that I’m falling behind getting some new pieces started for the Lowcountry Etsy Artist Market on June 5th.

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Saturday, June 5th
Lowcountry Artist Market

Music Farm
32 Ann St
Charleston SC 29403

Etsy.com inspired Event featuring anything and everything Handmade, Vintage, and Local.

On Saturday, June 5th, the bands, lights, and music generally filling the Music Farm will be replaced by handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, customized home goods, and a variety of talents from all over Charleston.

The Market will be open from 10:30 am until 5:00 pm. Featuring upwards of 40 vendors, the Market will provide a variety of local jewelry artists, vintage clothing dealers, custom children’s clothing, home and fashion accessories, as well as artwork – all from the Charleston community.

The Music Farm will have the bar open, so patrons can enjoy beverages while they shop.

Kristen, the event organizer, has also set up a Facebook event.

New Piece

I realized that I hadn’t uploaded any photos of one of my new pieces that actually sold at the Inman Park Festival. I only got a couple of decent photos during the rush of the last day before we left for Atlanta.

Pink Diamonds
Pink Diamonds Pink Diamonds
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I’m going to make another similar to this, as no two can be exact. 🙂

Elsita | Elsa Mora

I’m wondering if I’m the last person on the planet to discover her, but I absolutely LOVE Elsa Mora’s work. I don’t have a favorite, but this papercut really stood out for me.

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{ Etsy | Main Blog | Papercutting Blog | Flickr }

Make: Online : Custom engraved bamboo iPhone cases

Make: Online : Custom engraved bamboo iPhone cases

Urban Rose | rebecca3030

I fell in love with these gorgeous necklaces some time ago, but have been rather selfish by not sharing them.

Urban Rose | rebecca3030
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{ Source | Source | Source | Source }


The Botanic Collection

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The Botanic collection created by Bolon – a environmental flooring company is a revolutionary breakthrough, weaving vinyl flooring with environmental care. Botanic contains a new plasticizer which, in turn, is based on renewable raw materials originating from plant extracts.

The visual concept around Botanic, reflects nature’s variety of organic architecture and wealth of detail.


Graham & Brown Wallpaper

Then again, if we had the budget…

{ Source | Source }

This so very much what I’ve been envisioning for several years for a dream idea.

{ Source }

White walls

This is the best shot we have (courtesy the Charleston MLS) the room that we’ll make as our bedroom. Notice the small window. I’d love to eventually take it out and expand the opening to something wider, but that is so low on the priority list.

Anyway, some of you guys know that we’re not afraid to use a little color, but I am seriously thinking of going white with this space and painting something/stencil in a white gloss for subtle texture. We’ll then use bedding and pillows in lush fabric, and artwork to bring color into the environment.


Last year:
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We’re planning on installing hardwoods throughout the entire upstairs, starting in our room and the studios first. This will come after some immediate bathroom changes, and after we save some money.

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