Bon Weekend

We’re closing on the new house as this post goes live! It’s going to be a crazy weekend ahead with tomorrow’s Lowcountry Artist Market and then moving all day Sunday, Monday, and the movers coming on Tuesday.

I’ll leave you with a photo of our summer table setting from last year to help soothe the very hot and humid weather we’re having.

Summer Table
{Click image to enlarge }

Daily Dose

We happened by Daily Dose about two years ago on our way home from Hyams. We’d passed by it on a few occasions and decided to investigate. Oh my, we weren’t disappointed. Great heaping wraps of goodness! Michael and I decided to share a ‘Muthaship’ which is billed to be enough for two. The wraps are mostly vegetarian/vegan and they make some with seafood/turkey if you just can’t handle the alternative TVP.

It’s counter service ordering with table delivery of your meal. Be prepared to wait for your food on some days, however. It’s never been a problem for us as we’ve never been in a hurry when we’ve gone, but the one time we were we called ahead. My favorite is the Hot Chick, which is made with fake chicken (aka TVP). There have been a couple occasions when they’ve been out and I just ask them to make me a ‘mystery wrap’, as long as it doesn’t have meat. I have NEVER been disappointed with that option. We’ve even suggested they add that to the menu, allowing something fresh and new to their repertoire.

It’s no joke calling it ‘Good Mood Food’. We’re always in a unbelievably good mood when we leave. So if you’re in Charleston, please do yourself a favor and stop by for a dose!

1622 Highland Avenue
Charleston, SC 29412-3443
(843) 225-3367

Domestic Bliss – Dreamy Interiors

I realized last night that I hadn’t kept up with my ‘domestic bliss’ posts during the craziness of the impeding move and show. I’ll share an amazing photo I found via a pin on Pinterest. I went back to the original post on Desire to Inspire to share more of the images.

More of Manny Rodrigues’ photos. >>


Pinterest is like a virtual inspiration board where you pin things to a ‘board’ on your page. instead of pinning things to your wall. Your pins can be viewed by and shared with others. You can pin images from anywhere on the web, add your own notes about the image, and the bookmarklet credits and links back to the original image.

Currently, Victoria from sfgirlbybay and the folks from Pinterest are running ‘Pin It Forward‘, where various bloggers create boards of ‘What Home Means to Me’. I missed the sign-up for this series but I’ve decided to play along and work on my visual interpretation of home. I’m far from finished. Here is the board Lindsey has created thus far.

I have been blissfully running amok creating other boards, such as outdoor living ideas. It makes sense with the kick I’ve been on lately. I gathered some of the images posted here and elsewhere, and some via other members. After all, that’s the intent of the site. Here is what I’ve gathered for our ‘Outdoor Living’ board..

Ghost Chairs

‘The plexiglass chairs have ghost-like forms inside them, created with laser technology.

The ghost is a futuristic concept of a chair, 3-dimensionally captured within the boundaries of reality. It gives you a bit of a dramatic feeling: unbelievable, high-tech, but beautiful.’

See more photos read the full article. >>

Hyperrealistic glass flower models at Harvard

‘In the late 19th century, when biologists and botanists from Harvard were sailing all over the world taking specimens of every living creature they could find and sending them back home for study, a very serious problem arose in the accurate preservation of those specimens.’

Read the full article and see more photos at Make Magazine. >>

Helen Musselwhite

Very recently (as in yesterday) I have started playing with Pinterest. More on that later. Thank you Lindsey!

A couple ‘pins’ added by one of the members featured Helen Musselwhite’s pieces. Her stuff is simply…amazing. I stumbled upon her work a while back and I know I had a post either set up or actually published about her but I cannot not seem to find it. So without further ado…

Helen Musselwhite
{ Click on photo to enlarge. }

Bon Weekend

I found this sunset photo we took at our old family home about a year and a half ago. I have no idea why we hadn’t uploaded it to Flickr before.

{ Click on photo to enlarge. }

Shameless self promotion time…

I had an fantastic phone conversation with Stacey yesterday. She allowed me to laugh and cry about how stressed I’ve gotten about the move. Then, she turns around and posts this to sweeten my day.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it right now. I love our friends.


I’m really going to miss the wildlife around here…

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