Michael’s lab is slowly taking shape.

Michael made tremendous strides with his space over the weekend while I proceeded to make a fabric bomb go off in my studio. These are a few shots of the little things, which I find infinitely fascinating.


The map of Panama hung above my grandfather’s desk until he died. My father was born at Hacienda Cincinnati and while he was still young, my grandfather accepted a job that took him to the Canal Zone. So most of his childhood/teenage years was spent there. It’s time crack open Vista Nieve again, which was written by Mel Carriker, who was my father’s first cousin. His mother and my grandmother were sisters. I am named after my grandmother, who was in turn named after her mother, Eva Flye. Among our many projects is to scan the countless photos from Colombia that somehow ended up in our family. I don’t know if my great grandparents had multiple prints made of the photos for all of the children or what. Sadly, that information is long gone.

Enough about me…

amp2 tubes


I’m looking forward to the day we have wood floors upstairs. The wall color is leftover from the previous owners. Michael wanted to paint it, and that may be done down the road, but I think the color adds to the vintage feel.


In search of…

We bought these lead crystal lamp bases at an estate sale several months ago. Michael immediately rewired one and cleaned the glass and metal base. The socket covers still need to be painted and most importantly, we need to find lampshades. Our web-fu skills have not proven very useful in finding anything suitable.

Purchased for $12.00
Left: before
Right: after

Lead crystal lamp bases.

Suggestions are greatly welcomed.

Oops! I totally forgot to mention that these lamps don’t have harps so the shade would either need to be the type to clip over the bulb or one that has the loop so that it can sit on top of the bulb.

Bon Weekend – Fabrigasm

I took mom out yesterday morning to look at fabric to cover our couch cushions. We’re getting the reupholstering done for free as we’ve given our little Carolina Skiff boat and my industrial sewing machine as trade to Rocky, the man who has done work for my mother throughout the years. After we collected several heavy samples at GDC, I headed straight to the silk remnants section to see what was ‘hanging around’. We’ve decided to use silk for the pelmet box we’re going to make for the dining room window, and we only need a yard to finish the piece. I also look at the remnants for my work. Higher end shantung will run upwards of $35.00+ a yard just for solid colors and remnants are market down from retail. I don’t need much for what I do and a yard will yield several pieces for me. I purchased some fabric for me and we headed over to Rogers Brothers. They’re now called something else, but they still have really nice stuff at lower prices than GDC. We hit the first remnant bin and found a lovely piece but it was only about a half yard. that wasn’t going to to be enough to finish the box. We found a table towards the back that had large samples on clearance. We found a couple colors complimented the main piece we liked, and grabbed them. I knew what didn’t work for the pelmet box would certainly work for me. We’ve selected two colors that will work for the dining room and I took these delicious pieces upstairs. I find these colors to be very inspiring!

New silk remnants

I had to use all my reserves to not flop on the table and roll around in the silk.


*Sigh* I would love to see Singer come out with a new series of machines with vintage inspired details.

Old Singer Machine
{ Pictured above is my Singer Model 66, made in 1929. }

Dining room transformation, Part I

Now that my studio is finished (I will have an exciting post to share with you very soon!) we can move on to more projects. First up is the dining room. We’re trying to save as much money as we can by repurposing some of our old bedroom curtains, repainting our old dining room chairs/reupholstering them with stockpiled fabric, giving our sconces fresh paint, and we’ll try to use fabric we already have to cover the pelmet box we’re building.

We’re using Behr’s ‘Mined Coal’ on the walls.
Dining Room

Dining Room

We really wanted to feed the wire for the sconces through the wall, in the same manner as we did the last time we hung them. We decided that the wonderfully full insulation on the inside was a little too much to try to feed wire through, so Michael dug a trough in the drywall and laid it in that. We’ve covered it with joint tape and will add another coat of drywall compound.

Dining Room

I am inspired by the photo in the top right to paint the electrical covers for the lights blue. Valspar makes almost that exact color in spray paint. It will be lovely in a satin finish. We’re rubbing in some darker paint to add some more definition to the pieces.


Happy Monday.

Yesterday was my birthday. Michael drove us out to Edisto Beach (State Park) to spend the afternoon, and I’m looking forward to camping there during the fall. On the way home we picked up some Edisto seafood casserole and homemade key lime pie. We couldn’t wait till after dinner to bust into the pie. NOM.


Bon Weekend.

Happy Friday! Today, I’d like to take a moment to thank my dear old trusty dress form. I found it about 8 years ago while I was on my daily walk in downtown Atlanta. It was in the window of a clothing store that was in the process of closing that location. I walked in, asked if they’d be willing to sell it. We haggled and a few minutes later I sprinted back through Centennial Park to fetch my car to load her in. She’s withstood a lot of abuse through out the years. I’m looking forward to many more Ms. Wolf!


Beer & Pizza

I don’t know which would be more fun to operate, this or the Wienermobile.

‘the dual keg toting pub-on-wheels sports an aluminum pan with fifty feet of draft coil, two custom taps, inlaid old-growth woodwork bar with a split top for easy access to the kegs, an MP3 sound system modeled after a motorcycle’s hard pannier bag, and a back rack capable of holding three large pizzas for the unavoidable crowd that forms every time the bike stops.’

Read more about the Hopworks Beer Bike. >>

LED Mushroom Lights Sprout From Reclaimed Wood

Ma Nature, you are always an inspiration!

{ Found via NOTCOT.ORG }

Mug Shot Greeting Card

Brilliant! This made me laugh harder than I had in a while, as it could easily be Junior in that photo.

Etsy Listing >>

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