I was perusing the design blogs I subscribe to in my Google Reader, when I saw that sfgirlbybay is pimping out Poppytalk’s Indie Love Lookbook. I couldn’t believe my eyes when one of the pages featured is the one that has my piece on it!

Bring on omgYAY.gif!

Jacob’s Ladder

Michael is building this almost 7′ tall Jacob’s Ladder for an event on Saturday. That’s about all I can say about it at this time. More photos after then!

Jacob's Ladder

What is a Jacob’s Ladder? Well, I had to lift this information from The Museum of Electricity:
‘If you’ve ever seen a Frankenstein movie you have probably seen a Jabcobs Ladder or “climbing arc”. The familiar “Bzzzzzzzzzzz….snap!” sound is a staple of old horror movies.

So how do they work? First two conductive metal rods are positioned in a rough “V” shape with a slight space between them at the base. A sufficient voltage differential is provided from a high voltage transformer to breakdown the air in the gap between the rods, at which point the electricity “jumps” the gap and creates an arc. If there is enough electric current or amperage available, the arc will resemble a flame, and be hot enough so that convection begins to pull it upwards. As the arc rises it lengthens until it gets to a point where the rails are so far apart that it cannot sustain itself. It then goes out and the whole process begins again at the bottom where the rods are closest together.’

Pretty awesome stuff, eh?

Frank Buchwald Machine Lights

I love it when image searches lead me to beautiful things. Such was the case earlier today when I stumbled upon German artist Frank Buchwald, a designer and manufacturer of furniture, lights, and objects, and his Machine Lights.

Frank Buchwald Machine Lights
{ Click image to enlarge }

Burnished steel
Brushed brass
Textile cables

Globe handcrafted glass blowing
Voltage: 230 V / 120V
Tube lamp 2 x 40W
W. 12.2 inch
H. 19.2 inch
Burnished steel
Brushed brass

Voltage: 230 V / 110V

Spirally filament bulb

3 x 40W
W. 25.2 inch

H. 15.0 inch
Burnished steel
Brushed brass
Flexible brass tubes
Textile cables

Voltage: 230 V
Tube or spot lamps

2 x 40 W
W. 21.6 inch

H. 31.5 inch
Burnished steel

Brushed brass

Voltage: 230 V / 110V
Textile cables, flexible brass tubes

Tubular bulb, 1 x 60W
H. 15.7 inch

B. 16.1 inch
L. 16.5 inch

Weight: 15.4lb

Vintage Costumes

I love vintage elements of Samhain/Halloween, and costumes are definitely a favorite! I found these beautiful illustrations via The Graphics Fairy.


{ Click images to enlarge }

Bon Weekend

Goodness, this week zoomed by! It’s been an interesting week. I uploaded the Look Book for the Indie Love market { <—look left<— } and they’re featuring wonderful artists this month, as always. Please take a look. We attended the launch party downtown for Weddings Unveiled Fall issue on Wednesday night at the Charleston Library Society. It was one year ago today that the issue we were published in hit the stands. The party was very well attended, so I’m thinking that is success for them!

It’s been a wonderfully rainy week! A much needed change in the weather.

{ Photo credit: Autumn Colors by Victor Eredel }

New Necklace

I finished this late last night. It’s made from blue tie silk and is backed with a beautiful black linen. I found close to a yard in the remnant bin at Hancock’s and decided to give my coutil a break. It has three organza flowers mounted on blue glitter vinyl and are centered with Swarovski crystals in White Opal. I strung the glass pearl beads and attached them to a vintage sterling chain, which I broke apart. The base also has three ‘necklaces’ with black contrast stitching and small White Opal Swarovski crystals. I’m using a new tie system in the back. I’ve been using a single double-faced satin ribbon looped the through both grommets, but have change it to two ribbons looped through each grommet.

{ Click image to enlarge }

Happy Monday – Indie Love!

Woot! Poppytalk’s October Market, Indie Love, launched today. It will run through October 22. I’ll update the Look Book later this week once Jan & Earl get that beast finished!

To read more about some of the artists featured, please check out the post on Poppytalk.

Speaking of Indie Love…
I totally forgot to add this!

Limited Edition Vintage Lace Cuffs
Gorgeous French Lace Cuffs commissioned and handmade by Tamsin Howells, who fuses a piece of fabric between layers of acrylic producing a really comfortable stunning cuff. Width measured from edge to edge is approximately 3.5cm. One size fits a small to medium wrist. Limited stock available.

More Info. >>

Bon Weekend

We’re starting to think about Halloween decorating ideas for a guest blog post. This vintage three legged/triple candleholder we bought on Etsy arrived today. I found it while doing research among Etsy sellers for said post. It was a fantastic deal, but I’ve learned that eBay and thrift stores are still the best value for old candleholders. I stopped by the dollar store and picked up some ‘creepy cloth’ and taper candles, all for about $3.25. The miniature pumpkin was a dollar and the moss was free.

Samhain ideas
{ Click image to enlarge }

Bon weekend!

More details…

Still not listed, but here are two more detail photos!

Pearls & Flower
Pearls & Flower
{ Click images to enlarge }

Pier at the Edge of America

Michael and drove out to Folly [ aka The Edge of America ] tonight to look at the Harvest Moon. We took several shots of the moon and the pier. This is the first that I have uploaded and had to share it! This one was taken by Michael.

{ Click image to enlarge }

More to come!

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