Garden State

Michael and I just finished judging the science fair for my cousin and I’m taking this opportunity to try posting via the WordPress app. I’ve read very mixed reviews but it seems to be working just fine and dandy.

We spent our second full day focusing on the pond yesterday. We put the retaining border { made from recycled materials }, added the fill soil and planted several bulbs & plants. We added pea gravel under the stairs and will place a divider on each side, sometime next week. The grass will be replaced with a pea gravel path that will eventually lead from the side gate and wrap around the patio, which still has to be laid. We’re still hanging about on rocking pads.

I think we’ve done pretty well for spending a total of about two days on the project so far. We’re also working on three other big beds.



The fountain is sputtering, we have to clean it and the filter.

Photos of the first day we worked on it…

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Bon Weekend – I’m flying right now!

I’m kind of feeling like Super Girl right now as I just got the email informing me that I have been selected as an artisan vendor for the Charleston Farmers Market! I am part of the Rotating Market which means that I’ll be there bi-monthly. There may be an opportunity to become full time, but as of now, I am focusing on the fantastic opportunity that has been offered to me! The Market starts on Saturday, April 9. I don’t know if I’ll be there on odd or even weekends but I will update once I get the news.


I see so many wonderful things during the week that I want to share as a full feature, but I just don’t have the time to write about them. I’m going to try something that a lot of folks do, which is a Friday Favorites list of my favorite post of that week.
National Geographic Channel and a team of scientists, engineers, and two world-class balloon pilots successfully launched house, creating a real-life version of Pixar’s animated hit film Up.

Mobile Urban Landscapes.

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

{ Photo credit: Free Pretty Things for You . Found via Pinterest. }

Lowcountry Artist Market 3.19

Lowcountry Artist Market

I’m very happy to announce that I will be participating in the Etsy inspired Lowcountry Artist Market on Saturday, March 19 at the Music Farm. If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello and see all the fabulous goods everyone will have at the event!

{ Poster by Gil Shuler Design. }

Love affair with coffee

It’s a very wet grey day out and I’m dragging, so I think I’ll get some more coffee. Speaking of coffee, some of my favorite blogs { poppytalk | sfgirlbybay } have been extolling the wonders of the Chemex coffee maker and I’m delighted it’s experiencing at bit of a renaissance. One of my very good friends introduced me to it during my college years and I fell in love with it’s simplicity and the taste it produced, but sadly, I never purchased one. I then fell in love with the French press coffee maker and I’ve been using one ever since.

One of my favorites though, is the vacuum coffee maker. Michael and I first heard of them back in 2006 and we decided to buy a vintage Silex vacuum coffee brewer. We found a beautiful piece which is pictured below, on the left. It was a duplicate wedding gift for a couple who were married in the 20’s and they never used it. Their family found it while settling their affairs and placed it on eBay. When it arrived it was like opening a time capsule. It still had the original box, instructions and even the gift receipt! The pot on the right was another ‘oops’ wins where we forgot we’d set the bid and won. We gave it to our friend Beth for her birthday a few years back. We usually use ours on the weekends { and plan to start up again soon }.

{ In the loft, circa 2006 }

It’s the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had…several times over. The vacuum brewing process takes longer, but it is so worth the wait. Plus, its fascinating to watch. The metal stands are the heating elements so you can place it on your table and watch it go to work. It’s quite the conversation piece when you have dinner guests! Modern versions user either a butane burner or can be placed directly on the stove top.

I’ll talk about home roasting down the road, as I broke the glass chamber during the move and it costs as much to replace it as it does to buy a new roaster. The smell of roasting coffee is heavenly.

Elizabeth McGrath

Elizabeth McGrath

Many thanks to my friend Amy for introducing me to the uh-mazing work of LA artist Elizabeth McGrath! She’s the lead singer in the band Miss Derringer and has been given the name Bloodbath McGrath in reference to the subject matter of her work. Click on the bloodbath link to read more about a documentary on her life.

Pictured above: Savoy | The Incurable Disorder | The Weasels | One Day.

This hauntingly beautiful bird reminds me of someone very close to me who’s spectacularly talented. The world needs to know more about her as well. ♥

Splish, Splash


We bought some fish for the pond on Friday night. They’re the 27¢ variety goldfish and we hope they are like our last group, which grew to a nice size. Too bad the raccoons got them after they survived the moved to Atlanta. We tried several times to get photos of them at the old place, but even when we gave them food they took cover when the camera came out.

We named that one Siegfried and sadly, he didn’t make it. He now rests between the pagoda and pond. We even gave him a little tombstone. I know it’s just a little goldfish but I’ve never been able to not get attached.

Here Lies Siegfried the Goldfish

Bon Weekend – Thinking of Calgon colored water

{ Basin by Shannon Rankin | Ring | Necklace | Custom cut body of water by Crafterall }

I’ve been very lax in posting this week as Wednesday found us in the ER to treat Michael. He’s ok and on the mend but for the most part, I’ve been out of commission since Tuesday. All the work in the garden and the simply amazing weather recently has kept my mind on Calgon colored waters and my love of topography. However, we’ve now been hit with a new blast of cold and grey, so I think it’s even better that I share a few pieces from some of my Pinterest boards and Etsy!

Also, I couldn’t think of a better time to revisit the post highlighting the incredible work of Linda Glass.

Bon weekend to all!

ETA: after I published this post the sun came out and the temperature is on the rise!

Offbeat Home DIY Feature!

Offbeat Home DIY Feature

As promised, here is the second feature post on OBH during launch week! Whee! I shared our sewing table to computer table transformation with all the offbeat homies. If you haven’t been there yet, please stop by the site and have a look around.

Thanks Offbeat Home!

And the winner is…

Ms. Robinson, if you would be so as to drop me an email at submissions{@}thehappyheathen{.}com, I’d be most appreciative!

I’d like to thank everyone who participated this time and I hope to have another one sometime in March.

B is for Barnacle

Or…how I may have just overcome my fear of them. I was on another Etsy adventure the other night and stumbled upon a piece of artwork featuring barnacles. I’ve always been pretty frightened of the alien looking forms and I’ve had my share of run-ins with the arthropods. I actually envision them gleefully waiting for some soft fleshy skin. If you don’t keep your ladders or boat scraped, the chances of such an encounter with them rises considerably. Even in a swift tide you can get brushed up on a dock piling and get cut.

These pieces have been designed and crafted in a way that has helped me gain a new appreciation of their beauty and form.

Belt Buckle | Vase | Print | Necklace

Necklace | Hanging | Resin Mold Picture | Ring

Wall Plaque | Brooch | Pinch Pot | Cuff Links

Last, but not least, here are four more pieces that are sure to help the barnacle lovers come out in all of us! Wear this soft Barnacle the Whale felt brooch during the day and come home to a delightful print that proclaims that ‘b’ is indeed for barnacle. Or maybe you like things a little edgier with this wide sterling and copper barnacle ring and mixed media painting that reminds me of a cluster of volcanoes!

Bring on more art therapy!

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