Bedroom Update and Thank You Design*Sponge!

I’m very please to share that Design*Sponge has featured the bedroom wall painting project! Thanks D*S! ♥

ETA: I just learned that the process I used for the wall treatment is referred to as ‘shadow striping’, thanks to a wonderful D*S sneak peek I found on Pinterest!

I’ve gone into some more details of the bedroom project behind the cut.

Michael and I opted to take the FROG as our bedroom. We liked the ceiling and the cozy feeling. One of the setbacks is that it only has one window and that means…it’s kind of dark. This also meant it was time for me to embrace the color white. I got excited as I pinned pictures of rooms with white walls. However, I knew I couldn’t live with something monotone. I had an idea brewing in my head for a few years about using varying finishes in a single color, and this could be the prefect room to try it out. At first I thought about using a stencil to apply the gloss on top of the flat finish. I even polled my blog and ended up purchasing a beautiful stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils on Etsy. It arrived and I fell in love with it but I wasn’t ready to do the work, and so it sat. And sat.

We lived with the khaki colored walls until January, when I decided to get the finishing process started. So on went the flat white.




Next up was the removal of the ‘boob’ lights and replacing them with our beloved Nelson Bubble lamps. But first, they needed a bath. They’d gotten progressively dustier over the last several years {including 7 months being stored away} and even had bird poop on one of them! A bird got into the old house just before we moved and we found it perched atop one of the lamps. Poor thing was terrified and ended up pooping on the top of one.

This was totally by the seat of our pants. We have no idea if there is a recommended process for cleaning the funky, skink-like plastic material, but Michael suggested a little Oxy Clean. I’m happy to say that they are greatly improved.
Bath time!

Installed! Lowe’s didn’t have any flat white ceiling caps so we had to go with the decorative ones.
Saucer Lamps

Bonus {not}! Michael found the ground attached to a live wire when he pulled off the second boob lamp. As you can see, it had been slowly sparking. This is the second electrical snafu we’ve found in the house. One of the outlets in my studio sparked and caught on fire in late August.
Wire Cap

We also set about making the window pelmet, adding a little whimsy to the room. You can see more at…
Bedroom Pelmet

Life shifted direction and things slated for the bedroom were neglected and gathered dust. With this last week alone to my own devices I decided to finish the painting. I finalized the design and set about taping the walls. I threw caution to the wind and totally eyed the lines rather than measuring everything.



I knew the blocks were too large to be painted with the gloss, so I added strips of tape {after the main strips} in an attempt to make uneven spacing and didn’t like it. I said fuck it and decided to paint using an eggshell finish. When I pulled off several strips of tape I realized that I wasn’t happy with the results. I decided to sleep on it and hope for inspiration. I got up the next morning with the idea to play with the two narrow panels on the sides of the window, adding more tape strips between those on the wall and then painting over with the gloss. It was a safe space as the curtains go in front and wouldn’t require any touch-up.

I was happy with the results and moved on…

After the two or so hours painstakingly taking off the tape.

The end result…

I Love You More Than All The Stars


My mother purchased this vintage rice paper chest and then gave it to us several years ago.

This vaseline bowl was a wedding gift from some dear friends. Here’s a photo of it under black light: The lamp was a wonderful score on eBay and we bought the lampshade for $5.00 from Ross.
birds Lamp

The vintage vaseline perfume bottle was another score from eBay. The silk painting came from California when we lived in Marin County in the early 70’s.
vaselineBottle silkPainting

Nippon style jar was under $8. It doesn’t have any ‘real’ value in the antiques arena but we instantly fell in love with it and felt we got the best deal of the year!

The painting of the Sarracenia was done for us by a friend as a wedding gift.

quanYin3 bowl

Vintage postcard of cherry blossoms in Tokyo.



These lucky cats were our wedding favors and we had just a few leftover. We like to keep them close. The photo is of my father dancing on his cake table on his first birthday, in Colombia, South America. The photo above that is of him and my grandmother, also in Colombia.
luckyCats dad

The large Chat Noir was painted by us and was used as part of our absinthe table during our wedding. We continued to use it until we moved to this house. It broke our hearts to think of putting it away in storage so we mounted it on the wall. Here’s a photo of it during set up on our wedding day:

We’ve always used the side tables we bought with the MALM bed but I have been getting a little tired of them. So I decided to use my grandmother’s old foot stools {they were old when she got them}. I’m not sure how they’ll work in the long run but I’m enjoying them at the present.

New and improved jewelry display.
jewelry jewelry

Vintage Paint-By-Numbers and silver overlay perfume bottle. I need to have the stopper re-silvered. The porcelain covered bowl was my grandmother’s.
bedsideRight bottle


Vintage paint-by-numbers, an old clock found in a thrift store that Michael re-wired {blog post coming up!} and an old crystal ball. Our beloved Carew Rice tumblers and an old postcard from France. Read more about these humorous serials at {It’s number 3}
bedsideLeft littleShelf

Print by Mon Petit Fantome on Etsy.

One final landscape shot.

We’re hoping to pull up the carpet in the next few months and try using planks of plywood a la Hindsvik. The other big project looming is installing two skylights in the ceiling above the bed. I think that’ll help open things up more.

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  • Kristin

    Hi there!  Found your site via design sponge and I LOVE the result of this paint job!!  Can I ask what kind/colour of paint you used?  It was all the same colour in three different finishes?  Amazing!  

  • Hi Kristin!
    Thanks for stopping by and you are correct, it’s the same color {ultrawhite} in matte/flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes.