We had a wonderful first day at the Farmers Market on Saturday, Michael and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary on Sunday, and the web project I have been working on for some time finally went live today. We gave each other a composter and wheel barrow as anniversary gifts to each other. We were tempted on making our own composter, but with everything on our ‘to do’ list it would have been forever and a day until we would have gotten this finished. So…we decided to purchase one.

It took us a while to get this puppy together and I’m glad to read that others have required more than a pair of hands to complete the job. Michael worked on building/compacting an earthen pad about a foot high to support the bin, and it now sits behind our fence.


Once again, I’m finding myself becoming keenly aware of our consumption and waste, and how we can better utilize things once they’re past their intended use. We’re actually going to build a large round chicken wire cage to add compostables while things are cooking in the tumbler.

Sunday also meant more time working and improving the garden beds around the house. I found one of the photos I took of the virgin yard last year.

Late June 2010

This is where were are today.


We moved the second pagoda to the back corner of the yard and planted a few new things in this area.

Far Back Corner

We snuck in a few new plants in the shade garden.

Back Porch Right

And lastly, the ever evolving edible garden area!

Side Early May

I think that’s enough picture spam for today. I’m off to look for a few things to sass up my booth for this Saturday.

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