Militant Guild of Rural Tailors

Rural Tailor Brass Knuckle Scissors 1
Knuckle “Guildsman’s Shears”

A dear friend posted a link to this photo hosted on Tumblr. Now, like so many photos posted on Tumblr of which I’m a guilty party, there’s not a speck of information provided. Anyway, I did an image search to find out more about them and stumbled across the Flickr account of Militant Guild of Rural Tailors Research Group, which lead me to their blog. From what gathered reading the blog and elsewhere, it functions to showcase a beautifully crafted menswear line cloaked in a creatively designed hoax to expose an underground tailors guild, a rebellion against mass manufactured mediocrity, ‘Tailors against Taylorism‘.

The blog has a lot of great historical information woven into the fantasy but sadly, the site hasn’t been updated in quite some time.

Rural Tailor Boxed Brass Knuckle Scissors 2a
Rural Tailor Boxed Brass Knuckle Scissors

Rural Tailor's Crown 1
Rural Tailor’s Crown

Rural Tailor Thimble-Tipped Bullet
Thimble -Tipped Bullet

All of the props were made by Young Meagher, I believe.

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