I’ll raise you eight inches

As promised, here are pics from the new raised edible garden. We planted tomatoes, eggplant, squash, zucchini, several varieties of peppers, basil, oregano and thyme. I’ve also added a few Nasturtiums we had patiently waiting for this space and we’ll add more companion/beneficials/more edibles in the coming weeks.

Mid-April Side

Also in the picture is the newly hung Green Man at the gate. Very happy to see him out and about again!

Now, on the my first day at the Farmers Market. But only it wasn’t. We were in line for those horrendous storms that hit other areas of the southeast and we really dodged something terrible, and my heart goes out to all who were affected by them. Wind Advisories were in place for Saturday and when we got downtown at 6:00 there were maybe 6 tents set up. The winds were pretty brisk and one of the vendors told us that several others had canceled. Our spot is on Tobacco Road, which was much windier than the King Street side and my stuff can be easily lifted from displays. So we decided to cancel. Unknown to me (as I didn’t check email on the way downtown) was an email telling those of us with fine art, glassware and anything that could be damaged to not feel obligated to come down.

As vendors, are required to have our tents weighted down. Some people use the sandbags that are made for the commercial tents, some use barbell weights and some get crafty. That’s what we decided to do. Michael made these awesome cement weights using pvc pipes, caps and and eye bolt with a washer.

Tent Weights

Saturday did turn out to be a nice day as we’d been very fortunate in skirting the storm, but we were told that Tobacco Road still had some pretty fierce winds and were wise to have canceled.

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