When the gardening gets tough, the tough get scattered

Mid April

This space started as a clean slate this year. We added Creeping Jenny and Asian Jasmine to the front area of the pond on Sunday. The Hostas around the corner are getting huge for their second year, andw e’ve been patiently waiting for the Caladiums to show themselves. I think I may have planted them too late? We may just have to buy a few. I need to see what Hyams has in their stock as I haven’t been very pleased with Lowe’s selection.

The bed on the opposite side of the porch is the one with the most returning plants this year. When we moved into this house in June, we brought with us several plants that had to get into the ground. It wasn’t till the end of the month before we had time to plant them, which was not the most ideal. We have another area on the other side of the house where the majority of those plants are located, but I’m not feeling it, hence the lack of photos. The fence bed needs more structure and that will come later. It’ll be easy for me to dig a trench for the recycled bordering material. I think we’re going to have to wait until next year before we will build the path from the gate to the patio. We’ve just seeded the yard and will remain content with that for the time being. I also stuck the Loquat tree in this section for a little height.

Mid April

Mid April

We built the box for the raised vegetable bed on the side of the house yesterday. It measures 10′ x 4′ and I think it’s an ideal size for starting out. We have to get more dirt tomorrow and then we’ll plant. I am intending on planting several things in front of the bed such as another Loquat tree, a few Oleanders, Bee Balm, banana trees and some other odds and ends. By the time we’re finished, the bed itself won’t be visible from the street. The picture below was taken yesterday and I was standing roughly where the back of the bed is now sitting.

Mid April

I think we’ve done pretty darn well in the amount of time we’ve lived in the house. We’ve decided to hold off on the front until later, as I want to focus my energy getting the side and back areas lush, lush, lush! That, and finishing the patio. I’ll post photos of the edible garden soon. We completely forgot to take a pic before we started but I don’t think it will be hard to imagine how it looked.

Tales of the Market coming up!

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  • Hess_marge

    I love your garden!

  • Thank you!

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