Juicy Fruit

This weekend’s gardening adventure was our first foray in handling fruit trees. We purchased an Improved Meyer Lemon tree and a Navel Orange tree. There were a few varieties of the oranges and I would love to go back and pick up the Blood Orange tree at some point. We were also hoping to find a grapefruit tree in the mix but alas, not. We’ll have to stay diligent with weekly and perhaps bi-weekly nursery visits. Though there are few flowers left, the scent wafting around the orange trees was divine. Bitter Orange blossoms are used to make Neroli essential oil, but the fragrance from these varieties was enough to send me into a state of complete bliss. I took a bit of effort from Michael to lure me away so we could make our purchase and get our new additions home.

I really, really hope they do well.

{ Photo credit: Sunset }

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  • Anonymous

    Love these! I hope to plant some citrus trees of my own in coming years, but I honestly don’t know how they’ll fare up here in MD. They did well in FL, but were banned from private use thanks to canker, so I’m hoping there isn’t a similar ban here. 🙂

  • Wow, I’ve never heard of the ban! I’m incredibly nervous for two reasons, our soil and the placement. After the sod and sand go down about eight inches it’s all clay. We dug very large holes to compensate. I also hope they’re not too exposed in the front. I’ve read where they need some winter wind shelter even in this area, but I wasn’t sure we had adequate space along the side. The good thing about the lemon tree is that we can cover it during a frost and we’ll just have to see how the orange fares.

    If we have issues we’ll learn from them and try again!