Bon Weekend – Stepping into the Dudeoir.

I’ve mentioned this before but it does bear repeating, and often. I am truly blessed to call some of the most extraordinary people my friends, and Stacey Bode is one I count among said people. Last year she introduced us to a new facet to her photography, the Cheeky Lamb Boudoir sessions, and now she’s done it again with Cheeky Lamb Dudes. I’ve talked about recreating this scene for some photos and after seeing Kevin and Reuben, Michael said that he would love to do a session in his lab. I had a mental squee at the thought of this!

Oh, and the Men of Dads Garage Calendar photos? They’re too fabulous.

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  • thanks so much for the nod! ya know, as sad as it was that i didn’t get to pose with these handsome fellas, at least my bra made it into one of the shots. tee hee.

  • You know darn well I have a rare moment or two when I’m feeling generous. 😉 Your bra needs it’s own shoot.