It pays to be Square

My new Square arrived the day before the Lowcountry Artist Market and I’m quite happy to have it. It’s a pretty nifty gadget that works well as long as the user works well. My one problem with it stemmed from my lack of patience with a slow connection during a purchase and not realizing the charge had gone through, and quit the app. The customer paid me cash and it wasn’t until she got home that she noticed her bank had pulled the funds. I contacted customer support and they voided the charge. Their turnaround time in answering my email was within a couple of hours, which extremely satisfactory in my opinion. I’m glad to have run into such a problem in the beginning while things weren’t busy, and to test various aspects of the system. I’m giving it a big ole A at this time!

HEY! I’m giving away that sassy choker in the right column tomorrow! It’s quite comfortable, if I should say so myself.

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  • man, i knew there was a reason i needed to get a smart phone. daggummit. actually, this is very exciting. thanks for being ahead of the game, as usual!

  • The next thing is to generate a QR code for a dedicated page with product updates, specials and such. You should really think about doing this!

  • BTW, perfect timing as I was gathering bits and pieces to pimp the new Dudeoir shoots!