Impetuous decisions on display.

Ceramic Glove Molds

I’ve been trying to think of appealing ways to display my wrist cuffs and possibly chokers for the Farmers Market (We had our big meeting last night!). I found a set of five ceramic glove molds on eBay for a fantastic deal. I knew they were going to be big but for some reason I didn’t think BIG. They arrived today and oops! As pictured above, they wrist cuffs definitely will not go around the ‘arm’ portion of the mold. I’m torn between using these because even as undainty as they are, I do like them. I was thinking of stacking the cuffs around the fingers. A dear old friend had a wonderful suggestion after I posted them this morning…buy several small thick dish washing gloves and fill them with plaster. Well now, I just happen to have a bucket of plaster of paris just waiting to be used!


I’m going play with this idea next week and post updates.

If we don’t use the molds that came in today for the booth display they may be used as either coat or towel hangers. One friend suggested using them in the garden. We still need to clean off the old latex.

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