Giveaways…a great way to start off the week!

Ah…Monday! Posting may be fairly light this week due to me being knee deep in a web project that is turning out to be FAR more challenging than I originally thought. Queue a massive meltdown last night thinking it had to be live today, only to find out that I have a reprieve until Friday morning. In the meantime, I’ll offer up another giveaway! This is for one of my chokers and has been kept off Etsy for just such a purpose.

Silver Choker


{ Click on photos to enlarge. }

Leave a comment {limit one comment per reader} on this post telling me how this choker will brighten your day. I’ll draw the winner on next Wednesday, March 30th! It would be oh so awesome if y’all passed it on to others. Gook Luck!

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  • Meldrena

    wearing this choker will remind me that somewhere in the world there is at least one person that has the opportunity to be creative and crafty and that the art of making things isn’t dead in this world of junk plastic and cheap metal.

    Wow that was depressing….

    Let’s try again.

    I can see it now – I’ll feel like a movie star as I waltz around the farmer’s market and everyone compliments me on such a beautiful flower!

  • Bodhipuff

    Well I know that if I were to be the lucky winner, I would be choked up by all the compliments I’ll get when wearing it. 🙂