Garden State

Michael and I just finished judging the science fair for my cousin and I’m taking this opportunity to try posting via the WordPress app. I’ve read very mixed reviews but it seems to be working just fine and dandy.

We spent our second full day focusing on the pond yesterday. We put the retaining border { made from recycled materials }, added the fill soil and planted several bulbs & plants. We added pea gravel under the stairs and will place a divider on each side, sometime next week. The grass will be replaced with a pea gravel path that will eventually lead from the side gate and wrap around the patio, which still has to be laid. We’re still hanging about on rocking pads.

I think we’ve done pretty well for spending a total of about two days on the project so far. We’re also working on three other big beds.



The fountain is sputtering, we have to clean it and the filter.

Photos of the first day we worked on it…

Full post is here.

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  • Eve

    I’m daydreaming about building a small 2 tier pond in the space to the right of the patio… possibly using kiddie pools wrapped in liner. What I’ve been trying to figure out is how to maneuver the pump and fountain… would I put the pump into the bottom pool and run the line with the fountain head into the top pool, so as to keep generating the water through?

    Your fountain looks lovely so far! I can’t wait to see photos as it progresses. For the first time in a while, I’m actually wishing we lived in a warmer climate – it SNOWED here this morning! 😛

  • Bingo, you’re right on track. I think it’s going to look great.

    I cannot believed it snowed again. I’m so not going to tell you what the temperatures have been like here. But alas, I’ll be whining about the heat soon enough!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, this one is really looking so cool. And the effects of the soil and planted several bulbs and plants are really looking so cool. And the glass effect is also looking just great. The pond shape is also looking marvellous.

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