BiPolar Tesla Coil

{Photo credit: Evita Smith}

This is one of my favorite coils that Michael has built. He started on a series last year that is inspired by a vintage aesthetic, something that people would want to keep on display. This one was finished just before we moved. I hope he starts to build these again.

The porthole in front of the spark gap is a beautiful green glass that came from a cache from my mother. She started making stained glass about 20 years ago but with her back/neck/wrist problems it became too difficult for her to manage. Some of her glass supplies came from the Blenko glass factory. My brother drove up to the factory to purchase it for her.

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  • Mr. Ka Maboko

    That is the prettiest work from a coiler that I've ever seen.

  • Evita

    I'll let him know! Much to my delight he showed a new sketch for a coil that is back on target!