Design*Sponge DIY Feature

We’ve been blogged at one of my long time favorite design blogs, Design*Sponge!

Thank you Grace!

ETA : I love d*s reader Azzy’s suggestion of painting the vellum with India ink. I’m thinking of trying it myself when I can get downtown to pickup the supplies. Thank you!

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  • frogponder

    Happy is the day I find a new blog to follow.

  • Evita

    I hope you enjoy the stay!

  • Victoria Bennett Beyer

    That's so neat that your grandparents were friends with Mr. Rice. It sounds like quite a fun crowd to be a part of.

    I'm glad I found your blog…I'm off to look at more of it.

    PS – I'm so jealous you live on Johns Island. I'm from Moncks Corner and it used to be one of our favorite places to take a Sunday drive. Is it still relatively undeveloped? I go home twice a year and the whole Charleston area seems more and more crowded every time and it makes me sad.

  • Evita

    Hi Victoria!
    Unfortunately, Johns Island has not been immune to the development explosion that has encompassed the whole area. This is definitely not the same Kansas I left many years ago. 😉

    In regards to the ACE basin crew yes, the stories I've heard!

  • miscellanyandmusings

    What a splendid Halloween idea! I'm so glad d*s featured you; I love discovering new blogs…

  • Evita

    Thank you so much! I'm very happy and I hope you enjoy what you see.