Crystal Ball DIY via Flamingo Toes Tutorial

This delightful DIY project from Flamingo Toes was making rounds on Pinterest while I was working on our Brooklyn Limestone feature. I didn’t have time to try it while immersed on getting everything ready, so I tried it this weekend and I’m pleased with the results!

I’m thinking one of the few benefits to having Christmas decorations out before Halloween is that I could find glass ornaments at Jo-Ann’s. Armed with my 40% off coupon, a trip to the thrift store for brass candleholders and a stop for flat black paint, I was set to start the project.

I used a couple of graphics from The Graphics Fairy, and I also headed over to BibliOdyssey for some cheeky silhouettes. I painted a quick, eerie background.

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  • Absolutely love it. Especially love how you styled it with the skeleton arms. Well done!

  • Yay, thank you!