It’s in the stars

I found the above image on Pinterest during the weekend. It’s the ‘All Star’ wallpaper from Barneby Gates, the company who makes the gorgeous Deer Damask wallpaper I posted about a while back. It’s really beautiful and it made me take another turn in what I’m envisioning for our bedroom walls.

Two things have been certain in my mind since we knew we were buying this house, flat white walls with high-gloss white highlights. I want subtle yet interesting textures in the room without overpowering it. At first I thought about stenciling and couldn’t decided between these three stencil designs from Cutting Edge Stencils on Etsy. We chose the first design and ordered it. It’s a really wonderful stencil and I want to use it, but we have a few odd angles and several corners { more than four } in the room, and I’ve been debating whether I wanted to put so much work into right now. I decided to roll it up for another time or another room and then began thinking about doing something freehand. The idea was very appealing but I was beginning to see that the walls are holding up progress in finishing the space. So I went back to an idea that’s been greatly influenced by the AMAZING designs of Modachrome Home‘s wonderfully talented Eve, where I would cut the designs from sticker vinyl. Using this process would allow us to stage the room and begin to feel at home while applying the highlights. I was toying with the idea of something in a fleur-de-lis with freehand embellishments when I stumbled up on the image above. Ah ha! How awesome would it be to continue the stars theme on to the walls? They don’t have to be in a uniform pattern and even better is that I won’t have to take anything down to apply them!

I think it sounds like a darn nifty idea. And by darn nifty, I mean easy and hopefully painless. I’m ordering the vinyl today and will post progress shots. I don’t think it will take too long to complete the project.

OH! We’ve made a decision on the light fixture from last week’s post. We’re going the route of eBay and I’ll post more if we win the auction. Please wish us luck!

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