Snarks the Clarks no more.

I love awesome deals.

While Michael went to buy a few parts at Radio Shack, I walked down to Phillips Shoes to drool at their {limited collection} of El Naturalista‘s. They are having a sale, 50 – 75% off selected shoes. I wandered over to the rack and found the most adorable Clarks clogs. I’ve needed a new pair of clogs since my last wooden soled pair bit it a couple years ago. I must confess that I’ve snarked the Clarks in my time saying that they design towards an older audience. Sure, I had a pair of Wallabee‘s when I was a kid, but their collection was never appealing to me. Well, somewhere along the line they started designing hipper looking shoes and I got older. Worlds collide and wham! I’m sporting a pair of sassy shoes at 75% off!

My feet are very happy right now.

eta – I really should proof my posts better!

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