On the rocks.

I was doing an image search on Google recently {for what, I can’t remember} and ran across Livingstones, created by French designer Stephanie Marin. She got a lot of press a few years ago but this was the first I’d heard of them and wondered how many others hadn’t been privy to these incredibly cool and functional designs. They range in size from a small pillow and as large as a couch. There are companion pieces for the outside call Neo livingstones, which are made from neoprene, and garden furniture that look like giant raindrops and are illuminated! They’re all listed under ‘Collections’.

Brazilian designer Domingos Tótora was featured yesterday on the Alternative Consumer and I can’t do justice in describing how amazing his designs are! Not only are they beautiful but they’re also made using a certified sustainable process which turns the recycled cardboard into pulp, and then into objects that would certainly be a focal point in any space.

totora table

If there are other such similar ‘rocks’ out there, I’d love the hear about them!

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