Hark! Is this a post?

I’m not very fond of over sharing, but there are some current issues that are taking priority over projects and posting, and I will go in a bit more depth in upcoming posts. But it’s the holidays and we’re making merry and decking the halls. I’m happy to say this year is about a 95% recycled holiday season.

I’ll start with the last bits and go forward. After I finished the holiday decorating, I had some extra snow in the bag. I pulled a few ornaments from the tree and mantel (those will be fairly obvious), and made a little ornament vignette to save as inspiration for next year.

Entryway desk
I forgot how sticky cranberries can be while running the needle and thread trough them, but it’s so worth it. I do need to make a note to myself for next year, not allowing them to drag along the rug while stringing… they like to collect fibers and are a hot mess to clean off the berries!

Dining room table and hunt board
We seem to have misplaced one of the placemats I made a couple years ago. Once again, I knew I wanted to make another set with items we had on hand, so when I pulled out the wrapping paper we used last year I knew that was the direction in which to go. I had several sheets of craft foam in my studio and used that as the wrapping base.

Michael made the houses last year. I love the melted crayon/wax paper windows he made. The white trees came from World Market this year. The silver sunburst plates were purchased at Target in 2007 when we did our Rudolph table scene. I would love to redo that scene but we haven’t been able find the characters for the last 3 years! I keep a roll of butcher paper on hand in the studio and the ribbons are leftovers from our wedding! The star plates are from Pottery Barn, purchased by mom before we moved back from Atlanta. The spun glass trees are also some of mom’s purchases from many years ago.

We bought the Nutcracker glasses from World Market last year. The ‘coaster’ is an image of an ornament I at The Graphics Fairy, and printed on water color paper, giving it a nice weight and texture.

The mantel
I’ve wanted to make an extension since we moved into the house and this year we got the first step finished… sort of. Michael hasn’t been able to find the router so after the New Year we’ll need to take it off, finish the edges, sand and paint.

I found the two larger cloches at a local junk shop in hopes of using them in the guest room. I like the Pottery Barn deer in this location.


Happy Holidays!

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