Painted Planter DIY

I finally getting around to posting the process of the planter I posted not long ago, which was featured in Design*Sponge’s Painter’s Tape DIY Contest. The design was inspired by Solanum pyracanthum (if anything ever happens to it I’ll be beside myself as I can’t stop talking about it). While it is small now, we’re looking forward to the day it is large and bushy, and we found a lovely small blue glazed ceramic pot for it’s current home. I wanted the permanent pot to be as unique as the plant itself. Keeping with a complimentary blue palette I picked three shades of blue and blue/green for the chevron pattern. I also wanted to simulate the beautiful orange spikes in an abstract manner and I choose mint green and orange for those.

We found a Madagascar palm on sale recently and it’s the perfect plant to live in the pot while the S. pyracanthon continues to grow. Based on photos we’ve seen of Madagascar palms, we’re going to need a much larger pot in the not too distant future.

chevronPot1 chevronPot2 chevronPot3 chevronPot4 chevronPot5

Clay pot
Paint – Michael has been using automotive spray paint for his rocketry projects and the colors are amazing.
Clear coat – Not only will this protect the paint but it creates a depth and richness in the color that just can’t be done otherwise.
Painter’s tape
Chalk for marking on painted surfaces
Sharpie or other marker for marking on tape surfaces

1. Prime the outside and top inner rim of the pot. (Not pictured)

2. Spray the base color.

3. Apply first tape sections.

4. Spray second color.

5. Apply second tape sections.

6. Spray third color.

7. Remove tape.

8. Tape spike/color block sections and cover other painted surfaces to protect from overspray.

9. Remove tape. This is where I discovered the a run off issue with the orange and after a small freak out I worked to solve it with a band of green around the lip. It was a happy accident as I think it looks complete with the green band.

10. When finished, apply clear coat.

I’m thrilled with the results and intend on creating more and utilizing different patterns and painting techniques.

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