Monday close-ups

Nothing much of note going on in the garden (or in the studio) except for the ridiculously oppressive heat & humidity. It’s kept us from enjoying our plants, some of which are not happy with the weather. I placated myself by taking some recent close-ups.

I think I love the Solanum pyracanthum a little more each day!

Datura metel (Devil’s trumpet)

Red canna

Hamelia patens (Mexican firebush) & Euphorbia (I can’t remember which)

Plectranthus (Mona Lavender)
I wish I’d gotten a shot of the purple undersides of the leaves.

Strobilanthes dyerianus (Persian shield)

Gynura aurantiaca sarmentosa (Purple passion vine or velvet flower)

Clerodendrum paniculatum (Pagoda plant)

Justicia betonica (White shrimp plant or Squirrel’s tail.)

Salvia buchananii

Pontederia cordata (Pickerel Plant)

Dragon wing begonia, Kaffir lime tree, Dusty miller and I can’t remember the name of the speckled plant. (ETA: Hypoestes!)

Pachypodium lamerei – Madagascar palm

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