Monday, Monday – Last week in pictures

A couple weeks back a flower on Pinterest let me to discovering the Puya berteroniana – the Turquoise Puya – an incredibly beautiful terrestrial Bromeliad from Chile. It is a slow grower, taking several years for it to flower, and once it does a gardener’s patience is well rewarded! As it is a bromeliad, these plants are primarily monocarpic, meaning they die once they finish flowering. I’ve read that since these are such prolific growers that the death of a single rosette in a larger colony of Puyas is almost unnoticeable. I hope to be able to draw my own conclusions in a few years. 😉

The plants aren’t readily available for sale online and I decided to use this opportunity to make my first purchase at Annie’s Annuals & Perrenials. This has been a long time coming and I am very thankful right now that 95% of what I’d like to order is out of stock! This is our little Puya, which arrived last week along with a Cerinthe major purpurascens “Blue Honeywort” and a Crassula erosula ‘Campfire’.

I picked up this Huernia zebrina from Danielle a couple weeks ago, on my Farmers Market Saturday and finally got around to taking a photo. I’ve always called it the Lifesaver plant. Apparently, I am not alone!

While I was squatting down photographing the Huernia I took a moment to get a shot of these beautiful Sempervivum flowers.

I also get to make a ‘I love our friends’ shout out because these yummy chocolate cocoa bean candy acorns by Andie’s Specialty Sweets arrived the same day as the package from Annie’s.

They didn’t last the afternoon. I had a hard time keeping Michael away from the tea cup while I was taking this shot with the phone. Thank you, Stephanie! ♥

I ended the week with some terrific news that I’ll be sharing soon. Here’s to a wonderful and hopefully cooler week!

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  • I bought that same Puya from Annie’s a couple of years ago. Sadly since mine is doomed to life in a container I doubt I’ll see a bloom. Hope you do!

  • Ha, we’re going to have to put ours in a container until next year. Me thinks I’ll need to add another year to the bloom timeline. 😉

    You’re directly responsible for my Cerinthe purchase, btw!