Bon Weekend – Marimo balls

A while back I was searching on eBay for live moss for the bonsai and carnivorous plants. It led me to the cutest things that I’ve seen in a while – Marimo balls. They’re a mass of algae that get their shape from tumbling over rocks at the bottom of the lakes they inhabit. Marimo balls are highly prized in Japan and the annual Marimo Matsuri festival is held in their honor. The Japanese believe them to bring good luck and adopt them as ‘pets’. The marimo were given protected status in Iceland in 2006. They’re slow growers and the large one is supposed to be around 7 years old. They also enjoy a swirl around with your finger (or stick of some sort) as it simulates lake currents. This is supposed to help them stay green and healthy.

We purchased one large and five small balls from a seller on eBay and they arrived yesterday. We split them into two very small thrifted apothecary jars. I was asked on Instagram whether we take the lids off at night (Hi Sarah Rae!). I asked myself the same question last night. Since the water is supposed to be changed every one to two weeks, I’m guessing the lids can stay on? I have to admit I’m a little clueless. Then again, it wouldn’t hurt/be any trouble to take the off periodically.

I will update on their progress. Any feedback/information is welcomed!

Here’s to a safe and fabulous weekend!

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