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As I mentioned on Friday, I had the pleasure to photograph interior designer/stylist/collector Hollie Wood‘s beautiful home a couple weeks ago. Hollie is a gal after my heart. The lifelong treasure hunter (she’s been going to flea markets and garage sales since she was a babe in arms) has a sophisticated yet effortless style. She’s given home to pieces with a past, both large and smal,l and inspiration brims from every nook & cranny. When Hollie decided it was time to buy a house to showcase those treasures three years ago, her search lead her to North Charleston’s beautiful and historic Park Circle. Hollie purchased the 1948 brick bungalow from the original owner, who kept many of the original features but who had also added some not-so-original elements.

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The house started as a 2/1 with stuccoed walls and hardwood floors. The sixties brought the addition of a den, bedroom and bathroom with beautiful wood panelling and terrazzo floors, which were then covered with carpet. Soon after closing, Hollie worked on bringing cohesion to the house by ripping up the ‘hydrangea blue’ shag carpeting and linoleum covering the beautiful flooring and painting over the lime and pink walls with Behr’s Dove White. A few of the walls in the house featured beautiful vintage wallpaper and Hollie kept those intact as well as the panelling in the den. In fact, she says the wallpaper helped seal the deal when deciding on the house. She also kept all of the original valances over the windows and her vintage barkcloth curtain collection were perfectly matched for them. Hollie kept most of the original fixtures except for the lighting, switching those out with vintage fixtures she’d previously purchased.

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Says Hollie, “I have always been inspired by the flea markets I grew up visiting with my mother. I am really attracted to creating elegant spaces that incorporate my love for the old. I like to use unique period pieces to set a tone and add a gesture of grander glamour to a simple environment. I am always on the look out for objects I think will continue to create a sense of comfort, continuity, and permanence as the years go by.” She also enjoys adding touches of English, West Indian, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, as well as her Southern American style.


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Between the visual feast and her infectious charm, Hollie has successfully created an environment that is beautiful, comfortable and conversational. Every piece has its own story, even if it is the tale of how it came into her possession, and those tales could last long into the night. I found it hard to leave at the end of the shoot (I was there for a couple of hours and couldn’t get everything photographed) and I can’t wait to go back.

Thank you for letting me share your home, Hollie!

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