Bon Weekend – Operation Jurassic Park

The new fence is up around the pond. I was originally cracking ‘Escape From New York/Snake Plissken’ jokes but Michael thought ‘Jurassic Park’ was more appropriate. The quick attempt to get the barrier up had us using what we had lying around… small wood dowels. They weren’t much but enough to last until we got something sturdier. For cost purposes we went with PVC piping.

I was also motivated me to make a few changes in the planting scheme in front of the pond. I was not happy with some of the sedum I used and pulled it out to make room for three clumps of Hakone grass that I’ve been wanting to move to a more prominent location. We added pea gravel and three pavers for maintenance purposes. They’ll make things easier when we have to clean filters and such, as well as adding ledges for various containers. I like this new direction with the plants and will look much nicer when the wall comes down in a few months.

Here’s Harry, by the way.

Here’s to a safe and fabulous weekend!

{ Images click through to larger versions. }

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  • Sarah Hazel

    This is what I would love for our garden pond to look like….are these plants good in the full sun? 

  • Hi Sarah,
    Most of these plants can tolerate full sun, especially the elephant’s ear, the lily, the water canna. Ours would probably be a little happier with more exposure! The mosses and ferns do like their shade/indirect/filtered light as well as lots of moisture in the air and ground. The maiden hair fern in particular likes moist soil.