Bon weekend – Keeping up with the Carnies

The Lowcountry climate is suitable for a variety of carnivorous plants. One of the common methods of watering is the tray method (Nepenthes are one of the exceptions) as many plants live in water in the swampy/boggy areas and need to be consistently wet, or climate conditions dictate that the plant needs a bit of special handling.

One such beauty is Darlingtonia Californica, aka the Cobra Plant/Lily. It gets it name from the from the forked leaf that resembles fangs or a serpent’s tongue. It is native to Northern California/Southern Oregon and requires a lot of water, preferably cool to cold. Since I tend to get hung up on aesthetics I’m always on the lookout for something other than a plastic pot to house ‘the kids’. I found a lovely green vessel while out thrifting this week. Michael used his masonry drill bit to make the holes and now she has a lovely new pad.

I think I need to use a different colored (and potentially deeper) saucer than the one pictured in the first image. This combo isn’t really working for me.

Oh, and, how awesome was it see on the front page of last Sunday’s Home & Garden section of the Post & Courier a picture of pitcher plants? Beyond awesome!

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