Pin Cushion Cuff

When my friend Aad was getting ready to come over for the wedding he asked his dear friend, the incredibly talented Natasja Martens of G+N / fashionfugitive, to make something special for me. He kept joking that I’d never guess what was coming. One day he wanted to know if it was alright if he asked me a personal question. Sure! Then he asked what I thought was my waist size. So I gave it to him, in centimetres. He kept coming back to me saying that it couldn’t possibly be right, that it was far too big. Um, ok I knew I’d gained some weight in the last couple of years and that the Dutch are generally much more fit than we Americans, and it took us about 10 minutes of trying to figure out if something was lost a bit in translation (Aad’s english is actually better than mine) only to discover that my slightly hazey eyes misread the question. They wanted to know the size of my WRIST. 🙂

The silk comes from the late Dutch designer Percy.

This is one of the many one-of-a-kind gifts we received. A piece that I absolutely adore and I cannot wait to meet the lovely Ms. N.

I am hoping to do a more stylized photo op sometime soon.

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  • silly-narziss

    I sent the link to N. who really enjoyed reading this 🙂


  • Victoria Bennett Beyer

    What a brilliant idea and lovely gift.

  • Evita

    Thank you! Natasja has in fact done a few other of these pin cushions, but they're all VERY different.