{ The bottom prints/frames are actually the same size. My rushed photo op makes them look off. }

I thought a break from gardening posts was in order today. During the bustling activity last week we were able to pick up our sea life prints from McGregor’s Gallery. I scored two more prints since the last post, which are a little larger than the original eight. Kathie, Michael and I went through a lot of mat board combinations until we settled on a palette for the three odd pieces and another palette for the others (I’ll post photos of those soon). Kathie gave us a hell of a deal and did a great job with all the work. We love them!

Speaking of guest room projects, I decided to donate the chair to Goodwill. It had a ton of potential but at this point I’m just adding more projects to my list as well as taking up space we need at the moment. Something will come along or maybe we’ll repurp a chair we already have on hand!

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