Monday, Monday

Eeeek! Today’s post is a tad late in the day but errands had us out and about for a good portion of the day. I’m sure it would be hard to imagine that we would be found out in the garden this weekend. The weather was amazing, minus the tornado warning and severe storm that hit us late Saturday afternoon. Earlier in the day Michael took me to the ‘Plant Guy’ to pick up a few things. I can never remember his or the company’s name, but he sets up in the parking lot at Hwy. 61 and Wappoo Road for two to three months during the spring. We make a couple of visits while he’s here. Oh, and we also hit Hyams. Some things are so predictable. So for today I will share the latest photos!

And… the back corner which is slowly expanding. We’re focusing a lot of our energy in this area so that my mother can look out and see it from her bed, which is the window by the rain barrel, as sadly she’s mostly there after two back surgeries last year have not helped her issues. So while we continue to try to find her relief it is our utmost priority that she can find some solace. We’ll move the millstone feature into the new pond and the small pond form will then become the mini-bog.

That’s it for today, I hope this is a start to a wonderful week!

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