How does your moss grow?

I’ve always loved the look of moss covered pagoda lanterns. I have dreamed of one day seeing the two we have covered. Ok, one isn’t going to be a reality as long as it’s sitting in the sun all day but the one behind the pond has started to see some growth on the paver base. We have a nice row of moss along the bottom porch step/landing that I scraped off and placed on the roof and side yesterday. I didn’t add a coating of anything to it such as yogurt or beer. I figured that since it was growing elsewhere without help then maybe it would take off on the stone.

I’m open to suggestions!

{ Top photo credits: www.tochigidailyphoto.com1 | 2 }

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  • Sofie

    I think I would help the moss on its way like this

  •  Thanks so much for the link, Sofie, I hadn’t heard of the buttermilk method before. Only the beer and yogurt. Then again, the time I tried it was on reclaimed wood and the method I tried didn’t work. 🙂

  • Ryoma Sakamoto

    I am a Japanese SAMURAI.
    What is the Japanese garden this photo?
    Do you like Japan?
    I will introduce the three places of Japan Meien Once loved it.
    Number One is OKAYAMA KOURAKUEN.

  • Ryoma Sakamoto

    I’m sorry.
    Spelling was a mistake.
    Is properly OKAYAMA KORAKUEN.

  •  Hi Ryoma,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the the name of Okayama Korakuen, the gardens are spectacular. The first two photos are from the Tochigi Daily Photo blog and the others are from our garden. We find it to be very peaceful. I would love to be able to visit Japan during my life.