The makeshift greenhouse worked wonders

I made some pretty good progress in the back beds over the last couple of days. The side was empty a year ago! I’ve made it to the other corner of the house, to the banana plant. In a fit of hating the creeping jenny I planted in various places last year (it got leggy and has made me unhappy), I’m pulling it up and replacing it with the sedum ground cover pictured below, which we have elsewhere. Like in the top photo. The big fish will be moved to the big pond once we have it dug and everything installed. I hope that happens before it gets too hot but we’ll see! The parrots feather needs to be addressed and I’m waiting to see if the lily is going to come back. I didn’t winterize it. The fish seem to be very happy!

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  • Amy Smith

    Oh it all looks fantastic Aunt Evita! 🙂 
    I can’t wait to see as the plants continue to grow and you add more! 
    Yall are seriously talented! 

  •  Thanks Amy! I think it’s more bull headed determination. 🙂